Giant Grizzly
Rampage Art Comission - Ben the Bear
Species Human / Grizzly Bear
Height 30 feet
Weight 10 tons
Allies George the Ape, Boris the Rhino, Curtis the Mouse, Leon the Lion, Drake the Dragon, Ramsey the Ram, Rachel the Dodo

Ben the Bear is a Rampage: Total Destruction fan monster created by an unregistered Rampage Wiki user. Silver-Commando drew Ben, and Titanollante colored him.


Ben was your everyday truck-driver who was just driving on the road, when he stopped at a gas station for a refresher. He saw a new beverage on sale, started driking it, and he mutated at a horrrific speed. Now, transformed into a bear, he rampaged in the highway around him.


Ben is a giant brown grizzly bear with a beard and large bear claws.


He likes eating buffalo wings, trucks, and semis.


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