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Biosaurus is the irradiated remains of what used to be Titanollante; which means Biosaurus is an irradiated Titanosaurus who fused with Biollante. She lives in this Wiki and the deepest abyss in the ocean. She's Titanosaurus' cousin, Godzilla's "sister" (because of Biollante's DNA) and this Wiki's anti-mascot, or villain. Biosaurus is unbelievably unintelligent and is fully dependent on instinct. Her appearance is like Titanollante's, except for her color scheme, her two Biollante arms (three if you include her tail) which replace his wings, her eye color is inverted, her stance, her claws, and her spikes, which don't have a spike. She absorbs carbon dioxide, and eats Megalodons, whaling ships, and good-faith editors.


Biosaurus can do a few things:

  • Biocannon: She aims all of her faces towards the opponent and she spits her corrosive sap, which is made out of tree sap and gastric acid.
  • Dorsal Laser The Dorsal Laser is created by Biosaurus shaking her dorsal fin and doing a back-flip, then the first part of his spine bends and creates a straight and thin fire blast that deals quite some damage. It could be fatal if pointed at the heart area.
  • Electro-Eyes: The Electro-Eyes are created when Biosaurus lets some particles called Minus and Plus go on each eye and, when this happens, thunder comes from her eyes.
  • Aura Sphere: Biosaurus has some evil aura in herself...
  • Sharp Over-Bite Biosaurus's Biollante arms are as hard as Space Titanium, so she uses them to repeat stap and bite an opponent with them, and then hold the other kaiju still so she can devour it.
  • Breathing in Underwater and Dry Land: Biosaurus can breathe in dry land and underwater because she is a plant.
  • Run at Mach-7: Biosaurus' hind legs are very strong and durable, as well as light. Using her strength, and extreme lack of weight, she can run at unbelievable speed, which by itself can put an incredible amount of force upon anything.
  • Aqua Ray: Just like her cousin in Godzilla: Unleashed, Biosaurus can emit a blue sound wave.
  • The Void's Death:

When Biosaurus is really in a pickle, and she has no way out at all, she will attach her arms to the opponent, not allowing it to move at all. Then, she will start glowing, and corossive sap will fly everywhere. Then, she releases all her energy and shrinks herself to the size of an atom. By doing this, she has created a singularity and therefore, a black hole, which lasts for 5 billion years, before it collapses in on itself, and life on Earth is more than exterminated.


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