Cerebulon, the destroyer of worlds!


"Nothing is known of Cerebulon's origin, other than he is technologically superior to man, as he has traveled a great distance to either conquer this planet as his own, or completely destroy it simply because he can..."

Cerebulon is undoubtedly the same species as Zorgulon is, only much more advanced and evolved than an ordinary alien.


When he emerges from his large UFO, he appears in some sort of giant, 4-legged UFO-looking suit with 2 arms that can merge into a large lazer cannon.

When the suit takes a lot of damage and explodes, another one emerges from the comparitively larger suit, only much slimmer with a spherical body with 4, tentacle-like spindly legs balancing it, thus enabling it to maneuver across the battlefield.

When the second suit becomes damaged enough, it shall crash to the floor, cracking the visor. the glass encaging Cerebulon bursts and he crawls out, roaring at the lead monster. In his third form he has a far bigger brain, more eyes, bigger, sharper arms, tentacles trailing behind him and oddly shaped teeth protruding from his mouth.


  • Cerebulon has been known to be "the destroyer of worlds", implying he has conquered or destroyed many planets before Earth.
  • Inspiration for Cerebulon may have come from the description of the Tripods from the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds. They had metallic tentacles, a cyclopean eye and a death ray, although they walked on three legs, instead of four, all of these traits are similar to the two outer layers that protect Cerebulon.
  • Cerebulon's name is an obvious play on the word cerebellum which is a part of the brain.
  • It is unknown how Cerebulon could possibly pilot a giant UFO mech suit during the first phase of the boss fight and then a 4-legged mobile suit during the second if he is already a giant monster and has sycthe-like arms. This was probably to show how sophisticated Cerebulon is. It could also be that he is controlling the suits telepathically, using his huge brain.
  • Unlike Zorgulon, during his third form Cerebulon does not need a helmet or special pack on his back. Though what can be noted is when a crack appears in the second form's helmet, a green gas seeps through the crack. This could mean that both Cerebulon and Zorgulon breathe in a different kind of gas for respirational purposes.
  • Most of Cerebulon's attacks seem to be revisits of the playable monster's attacks used in the game. In his first form, the energy blast projected from his arms have the equivelant damage ratio that of Togera's radioactive breath special and the suit possesses the slowness and heavy attacks to that of Agamo. In his second form he possesses Preytor's speed & agility and Kineticlops' electrocution special (only the electricity is red in colour). In his third form Cerebulon possesses Preytor's speed and agaility (not to mention mantis-like arms), Togera's aggressiveness, and Agamo's strength.
  • It is almost as if Cerebulon is a chimera of all the other monsters defeated through Adventure Mode (Excluding the mutant fire-ants, Goliath Prime, Mecha Congar, the twin Raptros and Magmo).
  • In his third form, Cerebulon spark his claws ablaze to deal more damage. This is a skill previously exclusive to players and he is the only AI known to do so. This could even suggest that Cerebulon could be playable if the game was to be modded or hacked.
  • When Cerebulon's head explodes, his final form emerges, a tiny parasitic-looking scorpion-like creature scuttles away. Cerebulon crawling away in fear after being defeated could possibly hint a sequel, especially if Cerebulon were to grow back into his third form and take revenge for being bested by a lesser beast the player defeated him as.

In The FDUSEdit

Cerebulon appears a little while after Togera.

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