A race of aliens that desire to take over Earth found a dragon sleeping underground on their planet. They woke it up and mind-controlled him. He was sent to take over and destroy cities, and when the people of the Earth saw him, he was dubbed Dragora. Godzilla fought the giant dragon, which broke his mind-control. He teamed up with Godzilla, angry that the aliens awoke him.


Dragora's wings can reflect almost any beam from almost any kaiju, the spheres on the tips of his tail can shoot crystal diamond rays, he can fly at mach 3.7, and breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Dragora is a giant dragon who is 127 meters from the tip of his nose to the tips of his tail. His tail is split into four tips, each tipped with an orange sphere. He has shiny white wings, yellow eyes, a yellow horn on his head, a blue "ear" on each side of his head, black fur on each side of his chin, three toes on his feet, four fingers, and the rest of his body is green.

Monsters of Mothra the 12th
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