A new kind of bomb-like weapon was used in an area where crocodiles live and Godzilla rampaged. Godzilla's DNA mixed with the bomb radiation and mutated a crocodile into the evil Firis!


First FormEdit

Firis First Form

First form of Firis.

The first form of Firis stands 50 meters tall on his legs, can shoot electric fire from his tooth-lined mouth, and breathe in air, water, and outer space. His golden eyes see humanity as an insult to the world and wishes to destroy them.

Battle FormEdit

Firis Battle Form

Battle form of Firis.

Firis battled Godzilla when he began destroying cities in first form. When the king of monsters challenged him to a battle, he instantly changed into his battle form, which can shoot electric fire from his mouth, can inject plasma poison into his victims by biting them, and breathe in air, water, and outer space. He has yellow on various parts on his body from the plasma poison inside him, ready to be injected, and he is 90 meters tall.

Final FormEdit

Firis Final Form

Final Form of Firis.

When Firis was battling Godzilla, he almost died in battle form. However, his health was healed when changed into the 130 meter tall final form. In this form, he can shoot electric fire from his mouth, his teeth can inject plasma poison into his victims, he can spew crystal fire from all of his pores, fly at mach 24, and breathe in air, water, and outer space. Before he could kill Godzilla, he covered himself in smoky white mist and retreated for no reason.

In The FDUSEdit

Firis is Destonator's right hand. He became Destonator's top adviser. Destonator actually gave some of his evil energy to him, something that does not happen often. Destonator found him in space, lost after retreating from his fight with Godzilla.

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