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Koji roared into the air, announcing his presence as he stomped through an empty rocky mountain area towards a large body of water. Koji arrived on the edge of the water before tilting his head down and gulping some of it down, Koji had been traveling for a few days now, he was tired and needed energy, there were obviously nothing around with radiation that he could absorb so he'd have to survive on foods other than radiation for now. This water was delicious, now all Koji needed was some food to eat, preferably fish or some kind of plant, thats when suddenly Koji noticed two eyes in the water, they stared angrily at Koji. Koji could sense this creature's power, it was nothing to take lightly but it didn't seem to be anything Koji couldn't kill in combat.

Suddenly the creature burst from beneath the water, roaring in outrage as it did. Koji stumbled back as he got a good look at the Kaiju, it was very similar to Titanosaurus but its eyes were yellow, its pupils dead and black, two massive blue wings came out of its back. Spikes going all the way down its back and he couldn't make the tail out very well but its tail looked similar to Ebirah's. This creature was non other than the terrible Titanollante. Titanollante spread his wings before he leapt into the air with amazing speed, causing a sonic boom and sending water splashing into every direction, Koji dashed back as Titanollante came down and landed with a loud THOOM, forming a crater beneath the chimera monster's feet. Titanollante shook himself off like a wet dog before he flailed his arms around, growled, and began circling Koji, how dare this Kaiju try to come and drink from his private spa. No matter, thought the radiatiaded Titanosaurus to himself, he would kill this Kaiju for invading his private spa, it appeared rather weak anyway.

Titanollante roared in outrage as he charged forward at Koji, Titanollante balled up his fist and held it out at his side as he did this, when he reached Koji he swung his fist at his face. Koji pulled his head to the left, causing the fist to go past him before Koji put both his hands onto Titanollante's stomach, Titanollante was stunned by how efforlessly dodged the fist, he looked down as he noticed a yellow light comming from Koji's hands. Before Titanollante had time to respond Koji unleashed a energy beam from both of his hands, causing a minor explosion that covered him in dust and sent Titanollante flipping back towards the water. Titanollante slammed into the water with a big splash sending up out of the spaw and towards Koji, Koji stood tall as the water washed over him, he washed Titanollante patiently, waiting for the Kaiju to rise.

With a grunt of pain and anger, Titanollante rose, shaking his head around in confusion before he roared angrily at Koji. Koji stepped back before he charged forward at Titanollante, his fists charging up with light green atomic energy. Titanollante growled out in anger, he knew if this Kaiju's simple energy beam could harm him this badly its energy charged punches and kicks could as well. Titanollante unleashed thunder from his eyes at Koji. Koji ducked and dodged the blasts as Titanollante fired them rapidly, as Koji met up with Titanollante he Atomic Punched Titanollante in the face with his left fist. Titanollante screamed out in pain as he fell back under the water, Koji dove in after Titanollante, swimming towards him and firing energy beams from his hands at Titanollante. Titanollante swam out of the way of both beams before swimming up beneath Koji and head butting him, Koji growled out in pain as he spun away from Titanollante.

Koji caught himself before he closed his eyes and focused, he used his telekinetic powers to lift up two underwater boulders and throw them at Titanollante, Titanollante unleashed blue sound waves from his mouth at the boulders destroying them and reducing them to pebbles. Koji used his powers to pull a rock pillar up from the bottom of the spa and in front of him as Titanollante unleashed more sound waves at Koji, as Titanollante did this behind the pillar Koji charged a naval beam in his naval core. Titanollante continued to do this for about 15 seconds before realizing his soundwaves wouldn't be an effective way in harming Koji, he swam forward with his fist out, maybe he'd rely on brute force to break through this Kaiju's barriers and kill him. Suddenly the pillar pulled back down to the spa's floor before Koji unleashed his naval beam at Titanollante, moving as fast as he could Titanollante jumped to the left, he managed to get out of the way of the beam but it still managed to hit the corner of his right wing, burning it severly.

Titanollante growled, was this Kaiju unstoppable? Was it some kind of omnipotent? Titanollante should have thought before entering this battle, still Titanollante refused to lose this battle. Titanollante began shaking his dorsal fins before jumping up and doing a back-flip, then the first part of his spine bent and unleashed his dorsal laser at Koji. Koji stuck his hand out and fired a energy blast at the beam, yet it exploded harmlessly against the beam as it continued to speed towards Koji. Koji growled before tuking his arms against his sides, pulling his head back and charging up an atomic heat ray. The beam moved faster towards Koji as he did this, a few seconds before it hit Koji, Koji unleashed his atomic ray. The two beams slammed into each other as a massive beam struggle began, shaking everything around them and on land. The beams pushed up against each other, both Kaiju refused to lose to one another, suddenly the energy build up between the beams became too big and caused a massive explosion, sending a pillar of energy shooting up out of the water and casuging a huge earthquake. Trees fell, mountains crumbled, and the Earth cracked until the energy pillar faded away.

Beneath the water vision became clear as we see both Titanollante and Koji knocked back into seperate underwater boulders. Koji and Titanollante rose at the same time before they charged at each other as they bet they punched, clawed, blasted, and tail whipped at each other with all they had, this epic clash moved across the ocean floor and into a nearby boulder. As the two beheamoths slammed into the boulder it exploded into dust, suddenly Koji grabbed Titanollante and threw him up out of the dust and towards the surface, Koji leapt up and swam after him as he did. Titanollante exploded from beneath the waves and into the air before slamming into the rocky ground with a loud thud, forming a crater beneath Titanollante. Titanollante grunted out in pain as he held the side of his body he had landed on, it hurt badly and Titanollante felt as if he broke something.

Koji landed in front of the fallen Titanollante with a loud thud, Titanollante growled out painfully as he tried to rise, Koji grabbed Titanollante by the head, lifted him up, and placed him back onto his feet before he punched at Titanollante repeatedly, every punch causing another one of Titanollante's teeth to fly out or causing him to spit out more blood. Koji sandwiched Titanollante's head inbetween his fists before holding him by the head and slamming his feet into Koji's knee repeatedly before lifting him up and spinning him around in a circle. Koji spun until both he and Titanollante where a peach and red blur, drilling into the ground beneath them, finally Koji let go of Titanollante, launching Titanollante through the air and onto the other side of the spa.

Koji picked himeslf up off of the ground with his powers of levitation before he slowly moved across the body of water towards Titanollante, this somehow caused turbulance, pushing the water beneath Koji's feet to the side. Titanollante growled as he rose to his feet, he has a bloody nose, missing teeth, blood dripped from his mouth, and he was still holding his hurt side. Titanollante growled before he ripped up a boulder from the ground and threw it at Koji, and continued pulling boulders up from the ground and launching them at Koji. Koji caught each boulder in mid-air with his telekinesis before throwing them away from him. Titanollante spread his wings and flew across the water at Koji, he punched and kicked at Koji rapidly, Koji managed to dodge the attacks but was still hit in the face and stomach by some.

Koji kneed Titanollante in the gut before pulling his fists back and double axe handling Titanollante into the water beneath him. Titanollante fell about halfway down before he caught himself and unleashed his dorsal laser at Koji. Above the water Koji threw energy blasts from his hands and tail down onto Titanollante, although Titanollante's beam plowed through the blasts like nothing. Koji became fed up on how long it was taking Titanollante to rise and looked down, preparing to dive in after the Kaiju but suddenly he noticed a green light. The beam burst up from the water and hit Koji in the face, exploding on contact and sending Koji flipping back. Koji growled out in anger as he held half of his face, smoke comming up from beneath it, Koji moved his hand to reveal that half of his face was burnt. He growled in outrage towards Titanollante before pulling spear-like rocks up from the ground and pulling them up to where they made a circle around him. Koji would end this Kaiju for harming him, how dare it.

Suddenly Titanollante flew up from the water and punched Koji hard in the face before roundhouse kicking him in the side, sending Koji flying into a nearby boulder. Koji caught himself before he hit the boulder, lifted it up under his control and throwing it at Titanollante, Titanollante roundhouse kicked it back at Koji, Koji folded his arms in the shape of an "X" before he swung them forward, sending an x shaped blast at the boulder, causing it to explode into a cloud of dust. Koji and Titanollante flew through the dust towards each other, punching and kicking as fast as they could before he they both flew back from each other and slammed into one another with great speed, causing a sonic boom, knocking some of the water to the sides and causing the Earth to shake. These two Kaiju continued to do this repeatedly until finally Koji flew at Titanollante and punched him in the face, Titanollante stepped back before punching Koji in the face with his own fist.

Koji growled before his adrenaline reached its max, he double axe handled Titanollante towards the water before flying down to where he would land and roundhouse kicking him back to dry land. Koji's spines lit up red, yellow sparks came off of them before he began charging up a Hyper Spiral Ray. Meanwhile Titanollante did all of his attacks, making them crash into each other and create the perfect attack before he pushed it forward towards Koji. As Titanollante did this Koji unleashed his Hyper Spiral Ray, the two attacks slammed into each other, they shook the entire planet and caused a massive roar which caused every living think on the planet to stop and stare in silence as they waited for the roar to end.

The explosion caused afterwards took out the entire area the two Kaiju where in and covered miles worth of land in a massive dust cloud. The explosion faded away to reveal the area was now nothing more than a massive crater, both creatures...nowhere to be found.

Winner: Draw

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