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It turns out the explosion caused by Koji and Titanollante's beam struggle didn't kill either Kaiju, it just knocked them back some great distance. Titanollante landed somewhere unknown, and Koji was blown so far and so hard that when he landed in an open grassland, Koji hit the ground with a loud thud. He was kind of worn out from his battle against Titanollante and was confused about where he was at. Koji lie on his back shaking for about 10 seconds before he stopped and looked around him trying to see where he was at before he shook his arms and legs around as he rolled back onto his feet like Godzilla did in Monster Zero. With a growl Koji examined the area around him, he appeared to be in an open grassland, he was tired an needed an energy recharge, he then noticed a forest about 50 steps ahead of him, maybe he could go in there and find some plants to eat. Koji then began stomping towards the woods.

Koji found himself stopped in his tracks as the Earth began to shake and rumble, a massive creature appeared to be moving through the woods and towards Koji, his fall must have attracted this creature to the area. Koji was tired and needed energy that he was losing as every minute passed. He knew he might be able to kill this Kaiju and consume it. As Koji thought about this, the massive hulking creature finally emerged, AND this creature was non other than the terrible plant monster, Godzilla's "Sister": Biollante.

Biollante roared as she moved forward towards Koji with her stubby root-like legs. This monster was actually a lot quicker and faster than it appeared to be. looking at the Kaiju, right off the bat Koji knew he'd be up for one hell of a fight. He knew he'd have to start fighting this immediately and with some of his strongest attacks and techniques.

Koji let out a battle cry before he fired his atomic ray at Biollante. The green beam slammed into the plant monster’s stomach, dragging across it and exploding on contact. Biollante roared out in pain before lunging one of her vines at Koji's throat. The spear-like vine came at Koji quickly and Koji put his hand up to try to stop it but found himself screaming out in pain as the vine stabbed through it, green blood oozing from around the vine and out the wound. Koji growled painfully as he ripped the vine out of his hand and fired a second heat ray at Biollante that struck Biollante's left side. This time Biollante managed to shrug off the beam before he rammed her head into Koji's chest. Koji screamed out in pain as the blow knocked him onto his back.

Koji tried to sit up as Biollante fired her radioactive corrosive sap onto Koji, the sap covered Koji all over and caused Koji to scream out in pain as the acid-like substance burned away parts of his body. Koji's body had become seemingly paralized from the pain, he now lay completely still with only his eyes looking around into every direction frantically, his body still burning. Koji managed to open his mouth a tiny bit and fire a weak atomic ray into Biollante's face; she shook her head around, ignoring the weak attack before she launched several vines down onto Koji, the blasts stabbing into his arms, legs, and chest. Koji managed to open his mouth wide before shrieking out in pain, he shook his head around, firing heat rays into every direction.

Koji swung his tail at Biollante, the tail went through the air quickly and swiftly, chopping several vines in half. Biollante screamed out in pain as Koji got back onto his feet. Biollante used several more vines to wrap around Koji and hold him in place as he opened his jaws wide and prepare to bite down onto Koji's head. Suddenly green atomic energy flashed inside of Koji's throat before it flashed from the rest of his body, this inner blast of radiation was known as the nuclear pulse, the blast destroyed all the heads it came in contact with. Biollante lunged several more of her vines forward at Koji, Koji destroyed them with a shot of the atomic heat ray from his horn. Koji fired this heat ray repeatedly at Biollante's head, covering her body in explosions, destroying several vines, and blowing half of her face off.

Koji charged forward and leapt into the air, using his telekinesis to hold himself in place in front of Biollante before he spun around and roundhouse kicked Biollante across her injured face. As Koji spun back around it was revealed his fist had been charging up with green atomic energy for an atomic punch, Koji roared before he atomic-punched Biollante in the face, blowing more of her jaw away. Koji ended the brutal strike up with a kick to the jaw, knocking Biollante's head backwards and almost toppling the Kaiju as Koji levitated back down to his feet.

The weak Biollante growled at Koji before she secretly aimed two vines at Koji's ankles, Koji growled back at Biollante as he charged up an oral atomic ray. Right before Koji fired his beam Biollante stabbed her vines into Koji's ankles, causing Koji to tilt his head back and scream out in pain as he randomly shot his heat ray into the air. Koji looked back forward at Biollante and was surprised to find that she had already regenerated from all the wounds Koji had caused her, of course Koji's atomic system had done this to all the injuries caused by Biollante but this pissed Koji off very much, he worked hard to knock Biollante's jaw out of place and cause all the other wounds. Koji had never seen another Kaiju with suchs powerful regeneration, the only Kaiju that had ever matched him was Godzilla himself. Koji stepped back from Biollante as he began to remember; she was made of Godzilla's DNA and was almost like his "Sister". This makes her almost as strong as Godzilla, if not, stronger.

Koji tried to charge forward and punch Biollante in the chest but Biollante opened her jaws wide and spat her radioactive sap onto Koji, this liquid came over Koji like rain, burning the top of his head, his horn, his shoulder crystals, and some of his tail. Koji stumbled around as the sap burned through his flesh; this sap was powerful and burned some of Koji's head down to the point where skull and bone could be seen. Koji swung an atomic punch at an oncoming vine, the punch causing the vine to explode into chunks. Koji roared out in anger as he charged up another heat ray but Biollante would not let this happen again, so she wrapped Koji up with her vines and pulled him up close to her.

Koji fired his beam as Biollante pulled him towards her. It dug across Biollante's stomach and across the ground. The beam managed to blow the area that it hit open. Before Koji could improvise on this Biollante's giant jaws clamped down onto Koji's head, the thousands of teeth shredding and stabbing through Koji's skin like a needle through paper. Biollante tightened her bite the more Koji struggled, the harder and harder she began to bite the more limp Koji became, Biollante held Koji's head in her jaws until Koji's arms stopped moving around trying to get free and fell limp to his sides,

Biollante was pleased by her fatality, as she prepared to release her grip and drop Koji's corpse to the ground in front of her where she would begin consuming it. Suddenly Koji's spines flashed green before he unleashed a oral atomic heat ray, the beam hit the bottom Biollante's mouth. Coming through her lower jaw and putting a big hole in it, Biollante gurgled out painfully as she released her bite on Koji, Koji stumbled backwards before he tilted his arms and head back and unleashed an atomic ray at Biollante.

The beam went straight through Biollante's stomach, putting another big hole in the plant monster's body. Biollante tilted her head back and gurgled out in pain, she lunged more vines at Koji the vines bit and stabbed all over Koji's body. Koji roared out in pain before he began punching and slashing at the vines. Each punch and slash destroying the vine it struck, Koji grabbed Biollante's throat with his hands, firing several energy blasts as he did, the blasts exploded into Biollante at point-blank range, the blasts put several holes through Biollante's neck. Biollante screamed out in pain, she realized she was being defeated and was getting ready to split up into her energy form but Koji unleashed a series of nuclear pulses, every pulse blowing more of Biollante's plant-like body apart.

Biollante gurgled out in pain as Koji began tearing pieces of Biollante's body off with his bare hands. Koji roared out in anger as he snapped, going into a frenzy and tearing and claw away at Biollante rapidly, after about 30 seconds, Koji finally regained his sanity. Koji looked in front of him now to see Biollante was now nothing more than a pile of green goo and pieces of plant, Koji sighed in relief. He had won the battle, Koji lifted up a dead vine before tearing away a piece of it with his jaws, he swallowed the piece of plant slowly. A meal always was more satisfying when you killed it yourself. Koji tilted his head back and roared out in victory before he continued eating Biollante.

Winner: Koji

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