Ancient Godzilla

Godzilla: Lord of Fire is a myth explaining the origins of fire. It takes place in ancient times and does not necessarily fit in with the Mecha-Cobra or Mothra the 12th timeline.

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Godzilla is a kaiju whose origins are older than that of fire’s, and all related to fire or magma or oil. In fact, when this big guy’s grand ancestor kicked the bucket it was then when the Earth had just been introduced to fire. And although Gojira was never thought to have existed until 1954, this happened billions of years ago. The ancient Japanese culture has passed this story down for generations, and it goes:

In the beginning of the Earth, around 4 and a half billion years ago, all the dust from a space cloud started joining together by gravity. The Earth was formed as a rocky sphere, but something was missing. Later, a comet full of water and microorganisms hit the Earth and created the oceans. Around one billion years ago, life evolved and many creatures like squids, fish, coelacanths, and plesiosaurs started to appear. As they died and their fossils hit the ocean floor, they merged with high levels of carbon dioxide and the mysteriously shaped rock, forming the Prehistoric Godzilla. Life tried to walk up to land, but failed. Plants dried up and animals suffocated. But one day, Godzilla decided he needed to explore somewhere other than the boring prehistoric ocean. When he got up to the surface, he almost died. But Godzilla started preparing for his arrival at the surface. He would explore this planet.

Godzilla started breathing through his mouth instead of his gills and soon shed them. But something unexpected happened. Because Godzilla was breathing so much carbon dioxide in his trench, he one day created an explosion of red and orange. He became a lot more heated and started glowing red and orange. His heart was pounding with the unbelievable strength of an atom bomb. Godzilla was now a burning Godzilla. He couldn’t breathe at all under water, so he got up to land and was baffled by the fact he could breathe in the wasteland that was the Earth’s surface. He wanted to make the Earth habitable, and noticed how cold the planet was, the skies were full of carbon dioxide clouds, but there wasn’t a single water cloud in sight. But Godzilla was going to change that. He started to blow out the atomic fire breath at the sea, evaporating the water and creating real clouds. The sky soon turned white and life-giving rain fell on the Earth, creating soil. But that wasn’t enough.

As the clouds disappeared, light rays hit the Earth’s surface for the first time in millennia, and whirlwinds started reaching Godzilla because of the newly created atmosphere. This made clouds natural and made the Earth a stable temperature, instead of the cold that was helping prevent animals from reaching the surface. Godzilla proceeded to dig a hole to the center of the Earth. The Earth’s center was rocky and cold, but Godzilla changed it very quickly. He let out a mighty “roar!” and made a fire explosion. He got blown back to the surface, where the hole then rose and started spewing the hot, rocky liquid. These were the volcanoes and the magma of the Earth. All the magma made cracks in the surface. The cracks began moving and would eventually move out to sea, creating both continents and tectonic plates. The Earth wasn’t a super continent anymore, as the plate movements were intense and fast. Many more volcanoes and plates got created in the rest of the world. The volcanoes created islands and continents let out archipelagos. After all this, Godzilla started to feel weak, letting out smoke.

After creating so many things related to fire, the new element of the Universe, Godzilla started to feel his heart pounding harder and harder. Godzilla was burning up, and becoming plasma. All of the great creature’s bones broke to sand-sized pieces and buried themselves under rock. These would become gunpowder. Godzilla’s muscles did the same, but instead became coal. The very air Godzilla breathed became flammable, and spread all throughout the solar system. Godzilla’s electric spirit left his body and hid in the clouds, becoming thunder and lightning. Godzilla’s blood was drained and became gasoline, oil, and tar. And finally, Godzilla’s body went up to the sky and became the ultimate source of heat; the Sun. Godzilla loved becoming the being who could keep his home warm. However, a bitter pill to Godzilla, he is not infinite and is set to cool down in 4 billion years. But by that time, he would have accomplished his goal in life and would forever peacefully lay in a deep slumber.


  • This version of Godzilla: Lord of Fire is finalized, and it had a First Draft.

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