Ancient Godzilla First Draft

Godzilla: Lord of Fire (First Draft) is the first draft of the finalized Godzilla: Lord of Fire. ©SpliTimes Publishing 2013. All rights reserved.


Godzilla is a creature who's origins are older than that of fire’s. When his grand ancestor was created from rock, fossil, and water, there was no fire in the world. However, by the time he kicked the bucket, fire made up the Earth. This is how fire and Godzilla came to be.

In the beggining of the Earth, around 4 billion years ago, all the dust from a space cloud started coming together. The Earth was formed as a rock, but something was missing.A comet full of water came and landed on the Earth. Then, life started to appear. Around 1 billion years ago, life started to walk up to land, but it failed. Then, the Prehistoric Godzilla appeared [this is NOT Prehistoric Godzilla, it's really Ancient Godzilla] He wanted to go to land but almost died. He would need to bring oxygen and heat to the surface.

Godzilla started breathing from his mouth instead of his gills, and soon shed them. But something happened, Godzilla was breathing in too much carbon dyoxyde [dioxide], like a whole sun's worth. One day, he breathed out a toxic and very hot substance made out of carbon dyoxyde [dioxide], and an explosion happened. He tried to breathe but couldn't, then when he got to the surface, he was glowing red and he exhaled a beautiful substance that was orange, red, and blue. Fire was born.

Godzilla had accomplished what he wanted. He got to land, but it was boring and deserted. Godzilla then realized that it was cold and hard to breathe. He proceeded to dig a hole and almost fell to a hollow Earth. Godzilla filled the center of the Earth with magma and got back up to the surface. There he spewed fire in a mighty roar. Clouds of carbon dyoxyde [dioxide] were appearing and strengthened the Sun's ray by damaging the brand-new Ozone Layer. Water started evaporating and condensing into baby clouds, and then gave lif-giving water to the rocky deserts in the land. Godzilla then went over and dug holes in the ground. These would become volcanoes. After digging out thousands of volcanoes, Godzilla started to spew fire out to the sea, creating islands. But then, Godzilla started to feel weak.

After creating many things related to the new element of thr universe, fire, Godzilla started to feel his heart pounding harder, and harder. Godzilla was burning up, and becoming plasma. All of the great dinosaur's bones broke up and flew into random places in the Earth. These would become coal and gunpowder. Godzilla's soul escaped his body and landed on the clouds. This would become lightning. Then, Godzilla's body went up to the sky and burned up to oxygen which filled the whole world, and would allow life to survive. A bitter pill to many, the beautiful Earth Godzilla helped create is being destroyed by us.

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