Gamera Iris by mooncalfe


Evil entity






Sharp hand poles, fire, absorb



Irys is the main antagonist kaiju from the third film in the Heisei Gamera trilogy. Irys is the last and possibly the toughest opponent Gamera fought in the Heisei Gamera trilogy.

Form and abilitiesEdit

The baby Irys has an armored, mouth-less head with small black eyes, and several long tentacles which sprout from a snail-like shell. It can absorb the life force of organic matter by stabbing them with its tentacle spears, leaving decayed corpses in its wake. The Behind The Scenes feature on ADV Film's DVD shows it was realized on-screen by a remotely-operated puppet.

The adult Irys is basically a bipedal creature with two hooved legs and retractable sword-like arms, topped by a head that resembles a pointed seashell. Its back is a mass of saw-edged plates, and from its sides spring four tentacles hundreds of meters long. Each of these is tipped with a bony spearhead, from which  Irys can fire a sonic beam similar to the Gyaos. Irys can still drain the life force from its victims, and in the case of Gamera it was able to absorb the monster's abilities and produce its own fireballs. Its chest region is also covered in glossy, bio-luminescent patches. The center patch can suck things into its body. 


  • Irys, Gamera and Gyaos are the only three monsters created by the Atlanteans.

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