The Kaiju Kollection is a collection of Kaiju created by Rathymos_X and Yaiyuchi for LittleBigPlanet 2. They are all published in Rathymos' and Jnick1999's Earth. These kaiju are popular and are NOT copy-free. The amount of people asking for Rathymos to give these away is unbelivable, but they'll never be copy-free. The collection spans from Godzilla kaiju to the Screaming Lobster Emperor.


Main Article: Rathymos_X#Levels

Rathymos puts -almost all- of these Kaiju in a level for themselves.

Krappy Kaiju KostumesEdit

Main Article: Rathymos_X#Costumes

Rathymos also made costumes dubbed the "Krappy Kaiju Kostumes", as Rathymos originally stated "I'm going to make a crappy Space Godzilla" and it turned out he liked it and made more.


Screaming Lobster EmperorEdit

RathymosX Kaiju Screaming Lobster King
Main Article: Screaming Lobster#Screaming Lobster Emperor

The Screaming Lobster Emperor is a Godzilla-sized Screaming Lobster that apparently fought Godzilla. It does not have it's own level.

Kaiju TemplateEdit

RathymosX Kaiju Template

The Kaiju Template is a template for kaiju made by Rathymos and Mc-Flamejob77. It is made out of a weak cardboard-type material and is blue all around. It does not have any details, but it's front paws and hind limbs are functional. The mouth also opens and closes. It does not have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju G1

The first Godzilla. Yaiyuchi and Rathymos made this one. It has it's own level: Godzilla. It fires Godzilla's signature atomic breath and has mostly charcoal-black skin but it does have some white scales. It's based on the early Heisei Godzilla. It is not as detailed as all the other G's, but it's still great.


RathymosX Kaiju G2

The second Godzilla. This one is more detailed than G1, has a longer tail and is completely charcoal-black. This one is just an update and is not featured in any levels. It breathes Godzilla's signature atomic breath as well, so there isn't a lot new in G2 from G1. This one is based on the mid-Heisei Godzilla, and it doesn't have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju G3

The third Godzilla. At first glance, this one may look like G2 copy-pasted, but it's improved and has different physical characteristics. The face is different, the dorsal fins are different, the feet are different, and the whole torso up to the neck is different. The same charcoal-black color is here, and it, again, possesses the atomic breath. This one is based on mid-Heisei Godzilla as well, and it doesn't have it's own level.

IOU GodzillaEdit

RathymosX Kaiju IOU Godzilla

Yaiyuchi's IOU Godzilla is not really based on any official existing Godzilla incarnation, and it does have it's own level created by Jnick1999. It's body is slender and so are it's dorsal fins, head, and arms, with the legs being fatter. It's skin is not completely charcoal, as it has lots of gray, silver, and white scales visible.

Godzilla 2014Edit

RathymosX Kaiju Godzilla 2014

The 2014 Godzilla, or the Legendary Godzilla, is based on the 2014 Godzilla's fan depictions and teaser picture. It has a dark-gray skin with red dorsal fins and chest. It's snout is long, and it's fins are spiky-looking. It, of course, does not have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju Ghost Godzilla

H_Godzilla, who any sane person may confuse as Ghost Godzilla, is a Godly Godzilla based on a MUGEN character. It has silver skin and white eyes and dorsal fins, as well as some kind of power emblem following it. Pressing the X button emits a powerful plasma ring around it as well as a roar, and it fires a devastating white beam with the R1 button.It has it's own level made by Jnick1999.

Comic Con Explosion GodzillaEdit

RathymosX Kaiju ComiCon Godzilla

The Comic Con Explosion Godzilla is based on the SH Monsterarts figure by the same name. It has the same orange-yellow color scheme and also has a powerful atomic breath and was given to Jnick1999 for christmas 2 years ago(December 9th 2012). It does have it's own level made by Jnick1999.


RathymosX Kaiju BG1

The first Burning Godzilla. This one has the same white scales as G1, and has the same basic design, except for the magma spots and red dorsal fins. The magma spots are made with the unused magma material from LBP1. It has it's own level, Burning Godzilla (3D).


RathymosX Kaiju BG2

The second Burning Godzilla. This one has the same basic design of G2, except for magma spots and red dorsal fins. The magma spots are made with the unused magma material from LBP1. It does not have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju SG

The one and only SpaceGodzilla. This one looks just like SpaceGodzilla, with it's long tail and blue-purple color. It can fire the Corona beam as well as create some crystals used for attacking. It does not have it's own level.

Super GodzillaEdit

RathymosX Kaiju Super Godzilla

The Super Godzilla is based on the Super Godzilla Kaiju from the Super Godzilla Game. It has purple skin, green-ish dorsal fins, and red eyes. It has it's own level, Super Godzilla.


RathymosX Kaiju MG4

The first MechaGodzilla-like monster. Made with help of Yaiyuchi, it's not much of a MechaGodzilla 4 as it is a combination of MechaGodzilla 2 and Kiryu. It is pretty slender and has it's own Garuda, which can be called onto it's back or called off it's back. It can fly and unleash a beam from it's mouth, torso, and Garuda. It has it's own level, MechaGodzilla (4).

Some Random Unifinished MechaGodzilla I Didn't Even Bother To Name And Don't Plan On FinishingEdit

RathymosX Kaiju Some Random Mechagodzilla I Didnt Even Bother To Name
S.R.U.M.G.I.D.E.B.T.N.A.D.P.O.F. (that IS the official name given by Rathymos) is the second MechaGodzilla-like kaiju, except it's unfinished. It appears to be not-so-detailed and very slender, with another Garuda in it's back. It's head looks like MechaGodzilla 1's, but it's neck looks like it belongs to Mecha-King Ghidorah. It's unknown what types of powers it has, if any. It does not have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju KG

The one and only King Ghidorah, made with the help of Yaiyuchi. This one was based on the Heisei King Ghidorah, and has the ability to fly about, walk, fire it's Gravity Beams, and create powerful gusts of winds, as well as roar. It's the most colossal out of all the kaiju in the Kaiju Kollection, with massive wings, it's three long heads, and the huge tails. It, unbelievably, does not have it's own level.


RathymosX Kaiju Togera

Of course, since Rathymos likes War of the Monsters, no one could stop him from making a Togera. It is obviously based on Togera's first skin and has Togera's scythes. It is very well detailed and is made out of the simple rock material. It does not have it's own level.


Titanollante LBP
Main Article: Little Big Titanollante

The LBP2 version of Titanollante. It was constructed from the Kaiju Template and has many powerful attacks, as well as being very durable and indestructible. It has it's own level, Titanollante (Level).


Koji LBP

The LBP2 Version of Goji64's Koji. He's made out of old wood and gold leaves. He's only based on appearance, so he doesn't have any attacks. Koji does not have his own level.

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