Nick vs Kingston

Kingston the Demon VS Nick the King Cobra was, as the name suggests, a battle between Nick and Kingston, as well as other monsters of the Rampage Series.


Nick is going on a Rampage and then Kingston destroys his building and bites him, but since Nick is on fire, Kingston gets 4th degree burns. Then Nick gets angry and sends punches Kingston in the face, which causes 5th degree burns and it sends Kingston to Hell.

Then, Amanda arrives and crushes Nick and then eats him. But, right then and there, Lizzie appears and it's The Original Kaiju Battle of 1955; Anguirus vs Godzilla...

However, Myukus arrives and starts beating Lizzie and Amanda up. Then, Amanda tries to run over Myukus but he dodges it and Amanda ended up landing on Lizzie, knocking them both out. But before Myukus can eat them, Nick respawned and proceeded to destroy Myukus. Nick then throw Lizzie and Amanda all the way down to keep Kingston company.

Winner: Nick

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