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Kirby is a small pink character of unknown origins. He is often seen riding Warp Stars and battling King Dedede. He has one big ability differentiating him from others, that being that he can suck up enemies and use one of their powers. Kirby is the main character of the series of the same name. Kirby's favorite foods are Maxim Tomatoes. He also seems to have a rivalry with Meta-Knight.

For a Nintendo character, Kirby is amongst the simplest in appearance. As nothing more than a short, pink, 8-inch tall, charismatic ball with red feet, Kirby uses the malleability and flexibility of his tuft-shaped body to establish his individuality and traverse the colorful, interactive landscapes around him. Kirby has little physical strength. However, his ability to steal his foes' characteristics, known as copy abilities, through ingestion adds quite the amount of physical, chemical, and/or electric power to his arsenal. Through these copy abilities, Kirby can inherit the embodied power of the enemy, and in some titles, can even meld multiple power together by swallowing a couple foes in succession. In earlier games, Kirby did not undergo any physical changes upon receiving a copy ability; this all changed in Kirby Super Star: Kirby dons a unique hat for almost every copy ability he obtains. In games after Kirby Super Star, the ingestion of a copy ability always yields a physical change, whether it be a simple hat or a total body transformation.

In The Final Destination Universe ShowdownEdit

In Dreamland, Kirby and Meta-Knight are heading to investigate the Portal that just appeared there. King Dedede is in his castle, sleeping, for now. When they get there, Shalos appear. Kirby and Meta-Knight fight them off, but the Shalos realize that they are no match, and unite to form Shalo-Kirby. The Shalo-Kirby grabs Kirby to absorb him, to make himself stronger, but Meta-Knight slashes his arm off. They keep battling, and in the end, Kirby inhales and spits it back to the Portal. They both get sucked in by the Portal.

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