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Crystal Monster


Unknown type of dinosaur that appears to be cousin to creatures like Godzillasaurus' and T-Rex's.


Godzilla, Mothra the 12th, and any ally to Godzilla.

Koji kaiju created by Goji64 and was one of his first created Kaiju and is one Goji64's main monsters. He once fought King Ghidroah then battled and killed him but then eventually he returned with Guiron. After a long battle Ghidorah retreated being nearly killed by Koji again and after beating up Guiron some more, then he sent Guiron retreating, AND GODZILLA WAS WATCHING!!!! He gave Koji his signs of approval; then the two Kaiju went back to their homes.

Subtitle: Crystal Monster (結晶怪獣 Kesshō Kaijū)


Invasion of the Space MonstersEdit

Scientists travel to an Island and inspect it seeing if it is capable of being colonized on. But thats when they discover what seems to be a strange species of T-Rex but with longer arms, sharp claws, and teeth that come up from its lower jaw and stick out of its mouth. The strange T-Rex monster destroys most of they're equipment then flees. A day later is then discovered messing with the nuclear power plant which they had made on the island and drinking tubs of energy and electricity from the cooling towers (which where covered in energy absorbing crystals, resulting in Koji gaining his shoulder crystals) the monster causes a massive explosion, destroying the power planr and most of the scientists. As it exploded Koji began glow and float in the air, it grew up to an astounding size, crystals sprout out of its shoulders and several at the end of its tail. The new monster was dubbed as Koji.

Koji rampaged through the Island, destroying forests and several of the Scientists camp grounds and work stations. The last scientists tries to escape on the boat that he and his allies had came to the island on but Koji destroys it with his Atomic Heat Ray. The scientist then floats to the shores of Japan where he tells everyone in the area of this legendary beast before dying in that very spot. Koji then lives on his Island in paradise until an alien race known as the Galiator's set their sights on Earth, so they go out into outerspace and manage to capture King Ghidorah and control him (later revealed that King Ghidorah had been controling them). The aliens then fly to Earth, knowing that Godzilla still like in the Earth and had defeated King Ghidorah many times in the past they decide to test King Ghidorah out on the monster: Koji. They had discovered Koji on his island while observing the Earth for the first time. They discover Koji walking along the island shore when they unleash Ghidorah, the hydra cackles as flies towards Koji.

After a brief fight Koji kills Ghidorah then goes out to sea to eat some fish, meanwhile on Monster Island Godzilla senses that something is up and escapes the Island to check it out. Ghidorah returns hour later, Ghidorah's body had been taken back by Galiator's and was revived. They also sent out their monster Guiron to fight alongside Ghidorah, the two monsters attack Goji and he manages to stand up to them. After a long battle Koji forces Ghidorah into retreating, Guiron tries to do the same but Koji grabs him and gives him another good beating, he then throws Guiron away from him, the alien crawls away from Koji. Godzilla had arrived and had been observing this, he gave his signs of approval before roaring and disappearing into the ocean. Koji then walks back into his island paradise. Meanwhiwel the Galiator's take Guiron back into the ship and fly afetr King Ghidorah into outer space in an attempt to do the same.

This results in them almost having there ship destroyed once Ghidorah attacks it with his gravity beams. The Galiator's then retreat, dubbing Guiron as a failor, and Ghidorah as an enemy. They vow to return to Earth someday to exact revenge on Koji and Godzilla.

Battle against the Fire LionEdit

The Fire Lion is awakened once the cerial killer Myou Sato is tracked down and shot. Myou then falls into an ice covered crater, the mad man looks up to see the statue of the Fire Lion. Myou remembers he had purchased a book on it, he then takes out the book and says the ancient prayers awakening the Fire Lion. The Fire Lion unleashes fire onto Myou burning him to a skeleton before he beings to rampage in Tokyo, meanwhile Koji comes to Tokyo once the SDF drops grenades and bombs down onto Koji Island as he sleeps, this awakens Koji, seeing his home destroyed he becomes enraged and follows the jets to Tokyo.

Eventually the two cross paths and have a titanic battle but eventually Koji is defeated when the SDF tries to help by evacuating the city and nukeing it. This doesn't harm Koji but harms the Fire Lion terribly, the ground is unable to stand up to the explosion so it falls in on itself, Koji and the Fire Lion battle as they fall to the bottom and the Fire Lion manages to knock koji down to the bottom before unleashing flames from his feet to fly back to the top. The Fire Lion then rams every surrounding structure down into the hole, burying Koji. The Fire Lion escapes the city and begins rampaging across the countryside. Everyone in Japan dubs Koji for deead. The SDF attack the Fire Lion and nothing affects it, except freezing weapons which harmed the beast severely. But before they could finish the terrible Kaiju off it fired blast of fire, melting the weapons. When all hope seems lost Koji explodes from beneath the Earth's surface and combat the Fire Lion.

They battle until more freezer weapons arrive, Koji holds the Fire Lion in place while they fire. They fire until the Fire Lion is frozen; Koji throws him to the ground where he shatters. Koji roars out in victory before he retreats back out to sea.

Profile, Forms, and TechniquesEdit

Normal Form


Koji has the body of Heisei Godzilla but with tan/peach skin and a yellow underbelly that leads all the way down to his tail, a naval core like Super Godzilla, long horn on top of head, Koji has long tusks on his bottom jaw, has eyes like Godzilla '75 with eye balls similar to Godzilla '84, has shoulder crystals like SpaceGodzilla, tail like SpaceGodzilla, and has dorsal fins on his back that resemble Zilla's and the rest are just tiny spikes.

Physical AttributesEdit

  • Height: 100 meters
  • Weight: 65,000 tons
  • Age: Unknown but has been alive since the time of the dinosaurs.
  • Flight speed: Mach 22
  • Running speed: 1,000 kilometers per hour
  • Swimming Speed: 200 knots (230 miles per hour)
  • Jumping distance: 500 m
  • Physical strength: Koji can lift over 900,000 tons.
  • Hobbies: Fighting, swimming, eating, and napping


Koji has demonstrated tremendous fighting skills.

  • Atomic Heat Ray: Just like Goji64, Godzilla, and the various members of the Godzilla family, Koji can fire Atomic Heat Ray from his mouth aswell as a red Atomic Heat Ray from the horn on top of his head. The strength of this blasts varies, from being strong enough to destroy half of Tokyo to be strong enough to cause a minor explosion. If Koji's adremaline reaches its max Koji can unleash a Hyper Spiral Ray.
  • Atomic Punch: Koji surrounds his fist in green energy and delivers a powerful punch to the opponent.
  • Regeneration: Koji can heal from every kind of energy, within seconds depending on how severe the injury is.
  • Nuclear Pulse: Much like Godzilla, Koji had an extremely powerful nuclear pulse. Ranging from weak to extremely powerful.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Koji is amazing in hand-to-hand combat, one of the greatest fighters in the series.
  • Super Strength: Even when Koji was shrunken down to human size he had the physical strength to destroy mountains. Normal Koji is said to be able to destroy the Earth.
  • Energy Manipulation: Koji is an energy manipulator and can fire energy blasts from his hands and tail, can conduct energy through its touch, and allows him to able to instill energy into others.
  • Energy Sword: Manipulating the energy in his body Koji can form an energy sword that he can use effectively against opponents.
  • Comet: Koji can turn himself into a comet to store energy and fly faster, when in this form everything around him begins to explode violently. It is said if Koji stays in this form too long he can destroy the world.
  • Naval Core: Koji stomach is a naval core that he can fire energy blasts from, they can range from weak to extremely powerful.
  • Electricity: Koji can cover his body in electricity and grabs his opponents to electrocute them he can also cover his body parts in electricity to beat foes in melee combat.
  • Burrowing: Koji is an excellent at burrowing underground.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Koji can leap high and far into the air, able to to reach heights of at least 600 meters.
  • Shield: Koji can form a dome to protect himself from energy attacks as well as put a wall-like shield from his hands to protect himself.
  • Aura: Koji can create an aura that causes electricity to flow threw the enemies body once he comes in contact with them.
  • Combine: Can combine his energy attacks into one.
  • Gravity Beams: Koji can unleash a single red Gravity Beam from both of his shoulder crystals.
  • Super Speed: Koji's legs are strong enough to allow him to move at amazingly fast speeds.
  • Telekinesis: Once Koji demonstrated the ability to use a powerful telekinesis.

Bulk Form

Physical AttributesEdit

  • Height: 120 meters
  • Weight: 265,000 tons


Bulk Koji is Koji's craziest form.

  • Super Strength: Bulk Koji has incredible super strength, the limits of which are immeasurable.


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