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Kung fu frogz by Kung fu frogz


Irradiated Human w/ Tree-Frog DNA




133 meters (around 400 feet)




Dragon Beat, Zedobyte, and Mecha-Frogz



Kung Fu Frogz was once just an ordinary human boy named Fu. He was born in Tokyo, Japan.


One day Fu's family went on a vacation to the Amazon. The young Fu wondered off from this parents and brother to play in the rain forest. Wile in the forest Fu came across a red-eyed tree frog. Fu picked up the creature, but the frog jumped out of his hands and hopped away. Fu chased after the amphibian until he tripped on a rock and fell into the river. He climbed out only to discover that he was completely covered with a strange red substance. Then Fu became dizzy and fell to the ground. His body changed because the red substance was a radioactive Mutagen that had been dumped in the water. Fu changed into the last thing he touched, the tree frog. When Fu woke up he was 133 meters (around 400 feet) and a mutant red-eyed tree frog. Fu renamed himself "Kung Fu Frogz" and has been defending the Earth ever since.

Abilities Edit

  • Sonic Croak - Fu can roar a very loud croak that can be lethal in close range and causes massive damage.
  • Acid Tears - Fu can shoot acid from his tear ducts (this hurts Fu slightly).
  • Jumping -Fu can jump at a maximum height of 330 stories.
  • Holding Breath - Can hold breath for a maximum of 1 year.
  • Swimming - Fu can swim at 306 miles per hour.
  • Slime - Fu can secrete a very slipery slime that can help get out ot tight spaces.
  • Editing - Fu can edit Wikis.


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