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Titanollante LBPGodzilla
Godzilla Warning
LBP Godzilla: The Series is a series of levels about a Sackboy saving the Earth with the aid of Godzilla and Anguirus. The series currently is exclusive to Little Big Planet 2, even though it was made on the first Little Big Planet.

The series acts like a free Godzilla Pack, because it has 13 Kaiju Costume Tutorials, a Mini-game, a movie and Six Story levels. A sequel series, LBP2 Godzilla, has been long proposed and has actually started production.


The Vortaak ArrivesEdit

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Tokyo Town
The prequel for the LBP1 Series. The ironic thing of this level is that it was published in LBP2.
The level starts with Japanese Boy aking his parents, Japanese Man and Japanese Woman, if he can go to the store to buy Godzilla: Unleashed. At first, the mother is hesitant, but they both decide it's OK, as long as he comes back by sundown for sushi. He leaves and arrives at the store, where he buys Godzilla: Unleashed from the Japanese Employee. However, just as Japanese Boy leaves, Tokyo Town is being rained on with a whole lot of explosives from the Vortaak and a giant Daikaiju. Japanese Boy arrives, but finds Tokyo Town is nothing more than dirt and ash. In the distance, Godzilla is seen fighting the Daikaiju, and Godzilla explodes (turning into Godzilla's Soul). Japanese Boy then runs away from Tokyo Town, which will stay like that for two years, until a mysterious Sackperson arrives...

King Ghidorah StrikesEdit

LBP Godzilla Pt04:34

LBP Godzilla Pt.1 King Ghidorah Strikes

The First Level Excluding the Beginning Movie

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Ghidorah
After the Tokyo Town Vortaak massacre, a curious Sackboy went in to the ruins to investigate the rumors about King Ghidorah still living there. Sackboy finds KG and quickly grabs a Paintinator. Both shoot at each other, and eventually King Ghidorah loses his gold color and starts blowing up as an allergic reaction.

Mechagodzilla Avenges GhidorahEdit

LBP Godzilla Pt02:36

LBP Godzilla Pt.2 Mechagodzilla Avenges Ghidorah

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Mechagodzilla
When the Vortaak learns about the defeat of King Ghidorah, they immediately send out Mechagodzilla. When Sackboy is about to leave, Japanese Boy comes to him saying he saw Mechagodzilla in the distance. Luckily Godzilla is also here and Sackboy and Godzilla team up. Sackboy brings the Paintinator. Mechagodzilla has a powerful Beam Template aiming at Godzilla's head but Godzilla has (oddly enough) a force-field that Sackboy can lower or raise to fire and evade. This is successful and Mechagodzilla catches fire and burns away.

Gigan Strikes BackEdit

LBP Godzilla Pt02:32

LBP Godzilla Pt.3 Gigan Strikes Back

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Gigan
The Vortaak does not believe a Sack destroyed two of their best monsters, so they counter attack by teleporting the Sack into a Vortaak mail system. The mail system leads to a weird looking chamber, and out of nowhere, Gigan appears! Sackboy tries shooting at the head with the Paintinator, but notices a force-field. Sackboy then notices the implants on Gigan's arms and shoots them. A Vortaak ship starts shooting at Sackboy. After Sackboy drains the implants, the force-field disappears. Then he starts shooting and shooting and shooting, and Gigan falls into the abyss. The Vortaakian talks to Sackboy, saying the base will blow up, and Sackboy runs super fast to Anguirus' back. Anguirus goes fast down the hill and the base just explodes. Anguirus does a somersault and Sackboy lands safe.

The All-Out Attack Part One - Mecha-GiganEdit

LBP Godzilla Pt03:04

LBP Godzilla Pt.4 (Mecha-Gigan) The All-Out Attack 1 3

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Gigan ,Mecha
Some time after defeating Gigan, Sackboy thinks it's over. But then he starts seeing illusions of dismembered body parts of the monsters he defeated. Suddenly, a beam collides with Sackboy and Vorticia introduces him to the three new monsters and the Kaiju Battle Arena. Sackboy sees Mecha-Gigan and quickly grabs a Paintinator. Japanese Boy was here, and gave him advice. Sackboy shoots Mecha-Gigan's hooks while barely dodging his deadly Beam Template. After a while, Mecha-Gigan's implants are depleted, but he is still up. That makes the Vortaak Absolute Zero Cannon come down. Sackboy gets in and destroys Mecha-Gigan. A bridge appears and he goes to the next chamber.

The All-Out Attack Part Two - Mechagodzilla 4000Edit

LBP Godzilla Pt03:23

LBP Godzilla Pt.5 (Mechagodzilla 4000) The All-Out Attack 2 3

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Mechagodzilla 4000
When he defeated Mecha-Gigan, Sackboy went to Mechagodzilla 4000's chamber. Sackboy was shocked when he saw Mechagodzilla rising. He was so big. With the Paintinator in hand, Sackboy wasted no time and started shooting. But he notices there are three implants now, and none are in the arms. This was more difficult now, but Sackboy went for it. He received advice from Japanese Boy again, but he found it hard to evade it's Beams. After MG4's implants were depleted, the Absolute Zero Cannon was lowered. Sackboy went inside and annihilated MG4. A bridge appeared and walked to the next chamber.

The All-Out Attack Part Three - MKG - Final BattleEdit

LBP Godzilla Pt02:46

LBP Godzilla Pt.6 (Mecha-King Ghidorah) The All-Out Attack 3 3

The Last Of The Series.

Titanollante LBPGodzilla Ghidorah Mecha
Sackboy was feeling great only one monster was left, but he looked back. Japanese Boy was struggling to keep away from being abducted into the Vortaak Space Ship. Sackboy looked at the floor, and saw one part was lighter than the other. When he stepped into the light part, he fell. The Sack landed on the replica of a MKG mechanical head. He got down and got a Paintinator. He looked and saw an Anti-Projectile Scanner and through it, Mecha-King Ghidorah. Vorticia laughed and presented MKG. MKG started firing his three beams, but the A-PS didn't let them go through. Sackboy started shooting carefully, but one implant was out of reach. He stepped out, risking his life. He fired, and MKG went down. The Vortaak Mothership went down under too. Then Godzilla and Anguirus appeared! Godzilla said he would take care of it, and Sackboy got inside a space ship home. Japanese Boy congratulated him, and both went home, to Little Big Planet.


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