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Little Big Titanollante or just Titanollante, is the LBP2 Kaiju Kollection version of it's Wikia self. It stars in it's own level, which goes by the same name.


Overall, this Titanollante looks very similar to it's counterpart, with few minor differences such as not having white coloration in the tail, not having it's dorsal fin reaching to the tip of the tail, and having less spines. It was created from the Kaiju Template, and is made mostly out of the Red Metal Panels material, the Chrome material, the Sticker Panel material, and others like plastic, hologram, and blue rock.


Little Big Titanollante has the three main attacks the real Titanollante has:

  • Dorsal Laser: The very same attack brought to life. It shoots a red explosive laser out it's main dorsal spine, which lights up with a hologram material. The attack takes 2 seconds to boot up, but is powerful. This attack can leave explosion stickers over Titanollante.
  • Electro-Eyes: The weakest attack Titanollante has in terms of fighting objects. Titanollante's eyes turn cyan and it fires an elctric projectile, which, whenever it contacts something, immediately turns into an inmense ball of holographic plasma which dissolves in 5 seconds. This attack cannot affect Titanollante in any way.
  • Aqua Ray: A similar beam to the one Titanosaurus has in Godzilla Unleashed. It consists of a cyan beam made of blue-red crescent moon-shaped sticker panels which explode on contact with objects. It has unpredictable patterns and can leave explosion stickers on Titanollante.
  • Secret Destructive Attacks: Not-So-Secret Attacks Titanollante has. If you press the Square Button, you will shoot a special type of Evolved Jelly Meanies that can destroy anything that isn't outside the inner three layers or an untouchable material. Pressing Circle will make you throw pencils.


Titanollante walks normally when you move the left stick left and right, but if you press the X button, Titanollante's wings will flap and you will be in fly mode. Simply let go of the X button to enter walk mode again.
Press R1 for the Dorsal Laser, R2 for the Electro-Eyes, and L1 + L2 for the Aqua Ray.
Press L1 and Triangle to hear Titanollante's Roar. Press Square or Circle to throw Titanollante's Secret Attacks.
Use the right stick to move Titanollante's head up and down.
Press Down on the D-Pad to get ejected from Titanollante.



  • Little Big Titanollante showed for the first time what Titanollante's feet looked like.
  • There's a secret special sticker panel version of Titanollante, which can pass through any and all walls as well as peing completely indestructible.
  • There's a Collector version of Titanollante which appears in the level.

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