Lovely Ladies

TimeSplitters Mapmaker

Lovely Ladies Screenshot

Game Made In

TimeSplitters 2



Available Modes


Team Deathmatch
Capture the Bag
Flame Tag
Monkey Assistant

Time Period



An abandoned factory, somewhere in Earth

Bot Set

Corporal Hart
Candi Skyler
Kitten Celeste
Jungle Queen
Jo-Beth Casey
Venus Starr
Gretel Mark II

Weapon Set

Shotgun (x2)
Soviet S47 (x2)
Plasma Autorifle
Homing Launcher

Lovely Ladies is a Mapmaker for TimeSplitters 2.


Remaked and harder than before!


There has been a rumor that some ladies have all the money that has been stolen lately... Police have tracked it [them] down, but it is heavily guarded with ladies. You have been sent to retrieve the money and the priceless Time Crystal stolen from the TS Museum. Good luck!


  • Retrieve the Time Crystal.
  • Get back the stolen money (Ransom, Bag of Cash & Jewels).
  • Escape!
  • Get Secret Files as proof.


This map was made for all mapmaker modes, especially Story. Just as the briefing says, you have been sent to investigate a suspicious abandoned factory that people have reported seeing young ladies going to with ransoms filled with cash and jewels, probably from the three most recent robberies in the Bank. When you arrive, you will have to pick up a few guns and some protective gear, such as shields and first aid kits. When you enter, you hear a spawning sound, and when you cross the second door, an autogun is waiting for you. While you try to destroy it, Corporal Hart is already on you and shooting you. You might have thought that you were just going to enter and arrest them easily, well, you were awful wrong. This is going to be one of the most frantic moments of your life. There is no reason to be slow, just kill and speedrun to the other side of the Big Tile to get a Red Keycard and unlock the room with the money, but you will face Gretel, who has a Homing Launcher, but who you can kill easily if you shoot her in the head. Get the three money objects and a first aid kit, then blast your way out. Get to the top of the Big Tile to get a Blue Keycard and the Secret Files. Jump down and head for the door that was locked in the room with the autogun. When you unlock, Kitten Celeste and a Reaper Splitter will appear. Get past them and go get the Time Crystal. Go up and get the new Green Keycard. Then head for the exit, which is in the very beginning of the level. When you get there, the police will come in and arrest everyone (off-screen, of course) and you will win!


Lovely Ladies03:20

Lovely Ladies

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