• Not to be confused with Petey.

Petey Piranha is an abnormally large Piranha Plant. His first appearance is in Super Mario Sunshine, and since then he has gained much popularity and has since become a regular boss in Mario titles. He also consistently appears in sports games and spin-offs. Petey Piranha is thought to be a loyal follower of Bowser, but this is undetermined. It is quite likely that he is the ruler of his kind, as suggested by his Japanese name, Boss Pakkun, "Pakkun Flower" being the Japanese name for the Piranha Plant. He has multiple special powers that set him apart from normal Piranha Plants, including spitting Graffiti and flying.


Petey Piranha is a stereotypical big, tall, and strong character with limited intelligence. He does, however, exhibit the ability to acknowledge his own clumsiness, such as when he slaps his face in humiliation once he is back on his feet after taking damage in Super Mario Sunshine. Petey also has a sense of humor, as shown when he skips daintily to home plate when achieving a home run in the baseball games. Often taking naps, he gets frustrated when someone suddenly wakes him up, a trait that is similar to other Piranha Plant enemies that attack when awoken. He is also known for being very hungry and appears to be omnivorous. Despite his low intellect, he frequently aims to destroy Mario; it may also be that he simply attacks anyone who gets in his way, or he is hungry and thinks Mario would be a good snack. Petey is not always aggressive, though, and has been shown to be passive in games like Mario Power Tennis and other sports games.

In The Final DestinationEdit

Petey Piranha is a boss, and after defeated, he joins. Petey also appears. The male Petey Piranha falls in love with Petey, but Petey says she already has her heart set on someone else.

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