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Pipo Monkeys are monkeys wearing a Pipo Helmet. These Monkeys are less intelligent and have smaller imaginations. The Pipo Monkeys are mischievous and cause trouble.

The MonkeysEdit

There are 7 different shorts-wearing Pipo Monkeys in total.

Yellow Pipo MonkeyEdit

Yellow Pipo Monkeys have no special ability or power.

Red Pipo MonkeyEdit

The Red Pipo Monkeys are no joke. They have boxing gloves and are tough.

Black Pipo MonkeyEdit

These Pipo Monkeys wear black pants, sunglasses, a tie, and carry an Uzi.

Blue Pipo MonkeyEdit

Blue Pipo Monkeys are fast. Under their goggles they have the same eyes as the Light blue Monkeys.

Light Blue MonkeyEdit

Light Blue Pipo Monkeys are very cowardly, and have "Sad Eyes".

Green MonkeyEdit

Green Pipo Monkeys can see well because they have special goggles that improves their sight, and usually have back packs that shoot missiles.

White MonkeyEdit

White Pipo Monkeys are very alert, and sometimes throw bombs.

In The Final DestinationEdit

They are helpers in the battle against Specter, and after that, they're part of the Heroes.


  • The Piposaru are called Pipo Monkeys, but they do not have tails.

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