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Species Human/Sackboy
Height 9 Inches (Sackperson)
Allies The493Darkrai, Yaiyuchi, Mc-Flamejob77, Silver-Commando
Major Enemies Gamezombie, jonjaws, gdragon, the Generic LBP Community, Extreme Spammer Bronies, Copiers
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— If a random person is just going to ask for something I'll most likely say no.

Rathymos_X is an american PlayStation Network User, and a friend of The493Darkrai. He is an awesome LBP Creator and has created many Kaiju (some with Yaiyuchi's help) in a collection called the "Kaiju Kollection", as well as a line of Kaiju costumes dubbed the "Krappy Kaiju Kostumes", as Rathymos originally stated "I'm going to make a crappy Space Godzilla" and it turned out he liked it and made more. Rathymos has not been limited to only kaiju, as he has also made dragons, dinosaurs, two daegoths and even a meme; Screaming Lobster.


ZeEmoticon LBP Rathymos
Rathymos is very talkative and calm. He likes memes and often speaks in a meme-ish language just for "da LOLZ"! Rathymos undoubtedly likes creating and very often can be found playing in the moon with friends or alone, if he's busy. Rathymos' talkative personality can only be accompained with fast typing, which is why Rathymos has a keyboard for PS3. Rathymos is a very focused and advanced creator, and proves that with his advanced, very detailed, well-handled and made kaiju, which are NOT copy-free at all, because, why do the ones who do all the work never get thanked or given any credit and so, completely forgotten? That's just the type of thing every good creator in LBP says, and Rathymos is one of them. He appears to like levels such as Little Big Collector and Realistic Warfare: Deathmatch - Highrise, as well as some levels like Sonic the Hedgehog: Protect the Earth and RanSack 2vs2; Minigame Co-opalooza!.



Rathymos has a variety of costumes, including:

  • The default Sackboy costume.
  • "Normal Rathymos" costume - The costume Rathymos uses the most, which includes the Black Knight helmet with evil eyes and a unicorn horn, two weird horns in the sides and boney wings, Infamous Cole gloves, Vincent vest, and crocodile shoes, all covered in black.
  • "Krappy Kaiju Kollection" costumes - Costumes made to look like Godzilla kaiju, which includes "Krappy Space Godzilla", "Krappy Final Wars Gigan" (also "Krappy Chainsaw Gigan"), "Krappy Baragon", "Krappy Destoroyah", and "Krappy Burning Godzilla".
  • "Screaming Lobster" costume - Screaming Lobster is an insane lobster who screams all the time and terrorizes everyone with his ability to turn YOU insane as well, as he sucks you in to the delightfully dreadful world of screaming lobster madness, in which you laugh manically until the end of time. (The information given here might be a little bit off the truth)



Daegoth (Dragon Colossus)Edit

Levels Daegoth


"A giant dragon/boss that was made quite a while ago. There is only one weak point on the tip of his nose. Tail is grabbable as well as the spikes on his snout. (Inspired by gevurah22's dragon on youtube and Xlutrark's doomdragon). UPDATE: Faster fire rate, warning sound is quieter, low-def compatible, no more single grab, deleted guide, replaced aced-level prize with an updated egg, removed comedic level prizes because oversensetive crybabies. If you didn't read any of this, its your own fault."


This level contains a Dragon that breathes fire. The level has a lot of red fog. The first level Rathymos published.

Rathymos' ManorEdit

Levels Rathymos Manor


"Just a short level. The boat ride is a bit long but it still has an end. Find all of the prize bubbles and the gaurdian is yours! This level needs TONS of fixing at the moment, rendering it laughably bad at best."


The boat ride has an end; it isn't infinite.

Six-Headed DragonEdit

Levels Six Headed Dragon


"A five headed dragon wouldn't cut it so now it has six, have fun trying to control it. Special thanks to Mc-Flamejob77 for helping me make the sixth head and it's attack (for those of you who are new here, it's the earth head). Controls are still the same though the left stick is not required to move. Left stick (optional)+right stick- move, R2- open 3 lower mouths, L2- open 3 upper mouths, L1+L2- fire upper attacks, R1+R2- fire lower attacks. Have fun pl0x kthxbai."


McFlame helped Rathymos create this level!

Dark Souls: Hellkite DragonEdit

Levels Hellkite Dragon


"There were no arrows pointing the way nor were the bonfires placed so conveniently in the actual game. Just thought I'd make it a little easier... DON'T run right at the dragon, you will likely die. In case you don't, you will be greeted by 4 flaming hollows (also not in the game). Beyond that is a Dark Souls-related costume (Nito) that requires the Monster Kit. UPDATE: Visual improvements, crossbow aiming is less terrible, fixed dragon."


The Dragon in this level is red, and the costume at the end requires the Monster Kit.


Levels Godzilla


"UPDATE3: New attack, Changed the level a bit, updated Godzilla. Special thanks to Yaiyuchi for making the spiral ray and claw swipe. The first in a (probably) long line of monsters. Same idea as all the other kaiju-related levels on my Earth, you know. Controls -- Right stick - aim, Left stick - move, L1 + R1 - fire, L2 - roar, R2 - Spiral ray, Triangle - Pulse, O - Exit. Sticker/skin made by GFan2008."


Of course, NOT a giveaway. Yaiyuchi helped create this one! The Godzilla used in this level is G1.

Daegoth IIEdit

Levels Daegoth II


"This time around, I was going for a more enjoyable experience. When you get to the tower, aim for the horns and take cover behind the pillar. Depending on your play style, this one could be easier OR harder than the last one. It's not quite finished, but close enough to the point where it should be playable. Inspired by the Red Dragon fight in Dragon's Dogma. UPDATE: Crossbow now requires a player to grab it. L1 - Normal bolt, Triangle - Fire bolt (chance for 3x continuous damage)."


This level is not a sequel.

Super GodzillaEdit

Levels Super Godzilla


"Same exact level as the other one, just with a different Godzilla. Controls are the same too but L2 holds a suprise :3 The skin underneath all of that purple and grey was taken from GFan's Godzilla. Again, sorry if that's not okay. UPDATE: Triangle - Super punch, Square - Normal punch."


Of course, NOT a giveaway. This level is an exact copy of Godzilla, the only difference is that instead of G1, it's Super Godzilla.

Dragon MechEdit

Levels Dragon Mech


"I changed the title from mount to mech because, believe it or not, some people were getting the wrong idea... The legs were made by Killzone3265 so a HUGE thanks to him. Controls: L2-fly, L1-open mouth, R1-fire, R2-Roar, Left stick-move/fly. Remember to land softly or else parts of it may break off, don't go charging into any walls either, the results are on you. Omnom those sackbots."


The Dragon is not a robot. It is also not indestructible.


Levels Bagan


"UPDATE: Removed "demo" from the name. Made the Eraser Cannon appear to be more devastating. "Demo" may no longer be there but that doesn't change the fact that this is NOT a giveaway. Controls: L1+R1-Light cannon, L1+R2-Heavy cannon, L2-"Energy rain", X-Roar, O-Exit controllinator, Triangle-"Eraser" (use at your own risk), RStick up/down-Aim torso, RStick left/right-Aim head, Square - Claw swipe/shockwave. The only prize is Bagan's R2 attack... "


Of course, NOT a giveaway. Bagan is a little slower than the other monsters.

Meltdown Godzilla (3D)Edit

Levels Meltdown Godzilla


">>Special thanks to Yaiyuchi for helping me make most of the level/all of the attacks<< Controls: R1 - spiral ray, L2 - meltdown ray, O - shockwave, triangle - slash, Down - self destruct. Have fun. Minor update."


Of course, NOT a giveaway. The level of course isn't the pop-out-the-screen 3D, so don't get your glasses out. Yaiyuchi also helped make this one! The Burning Godzilla used in this level is BG1.

Black Star DragonEdit

Levels Black Star Dragon


"This would be my LBP equivalent of a doodle or non-serious drawing. It's only a little side project to keep me on my toes. I don't expect anyone (besides friends) to know what this REALLY is but if you think you know, then do tell (NOT THE ENDERDRAGON) Note: This is not really a versus level, I just wanted each player to have their own screen (although there is a secret prize bubble that contains the scoreboard used in this level)"


The creature in this level is not the Negativitron's dragon form or the Enderdragon from Minecraft. Psst, the prize... is... in the level.

Free Eastern DragonEdit

Levels Free Eastern Dragon


"My first level for this absolutely sucked. There was literally nothing to it, a blight on my Earth. Added a "hidden" dragon somewhere on the map, complete with it's own prize bubble... Don't worry, the original dragons remain where they always have been and they ARE free. Collecting all prize bubbles unlocks the Ghost dragon. The scoreboard is at the top of the map. Putting the dragon in the volcano is NOT a good idea."


All the dragons are free. Psst, the hidden dragon is...INSIDE THE VOLCANO!

MechaGodzilla (4)Edit

Levels MechaGodzilla 4


">>HUMAN ATTENTION: He's in the islands because originally it was going to be a simulation/test run. Special thanks to Yaiyuchi (yes, again) for helping with attacks and the level<< Not so much a MG4 as it is a mashup of MG2 and Kiryu. Controls are on a floating stickynote inside. EXPECT A LOT OF BUGS AND PROBLEMS. MG4 was hard enough to put together let alone program, stress test, and getting him to spawn properly... Calling Garuda isn't automatic, have patience."


Of course, NOT a giveaway. Yaiyuchi also helped make this one! It takes as much as a minute for the Garuda to appear, so don't keep reloading the level.

Gwyneth; Storm bringerEdit

Levels Gwyeth


"Just like Black Star Dragon except bigger and an earlier jetpack. Not much else to say other than 53CR37 PR1Z3 H1DD3N 1N 13V31. Update. "


The weird text reads "Secret Prize hidden in level". It's hidden... in the level.


Levels Uchaenlova


" This level has no description"




Levels Filler






Rathymos has a LOT of creations, including:

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