Ridley (リドリー, Ridorii) is a high ranking Space Pirate, the arch enemy of Samus Aran, and is one of the most common recurring characters in the Metroid series, appearing in almost every Metroid game, often encountered towards the end of the game. Ridley's appearance is considered similar to a skeletal pterodactyl with glowing eyes. Ridley is known for being very defiant and persistent; though Samus has defeated him many times, he always manages to return and do battle with her, either through his healing abilities, cloning or robotic enhancements.

Despite his fearsome and bestial appearance, Ridley is known to be highly intelligent and is shown to even be capable of speaking in the manga; with his intelligence he was also seemingly capable of building a synthetic construct made in his own image. He is known to have a bloodthirsty personality and takes great personal enjoyment in destruction. Though he often appears in different forms, through scans found in the Metroid Prime sub-series and events portrayed in Metroid: Other M, it is confirmed that every incarnation of Ridley before the latter game and Metroid Fusion is indeed the same being (save for Robot Ridley), from the manga to Corruption and Super Metroid despite his multiple defeats (some of which involve his body exploding).

In The Final Destination Universe Showdown (When Ridley)Edit

Ridley appears fighting Samus Aran. Samus sees the heroes, and moves her hand to tell them to leave. Eventually, Ridley takes the upper hand, and suddenly, Ridley is blown away to a wall. Arceus had used judgement on Ridley. Arceus and Ridley start to fight, and Arceus blows him towards a Portal. Samus thanks the Heroes and Arceus and joins.

Meta RidleyEdit

Boss metaridley1
Meta Ridley is Ridley reborn and cybernetically enhanced through Space Pirate technology.

After his defeat on Zebes, the Pirates presumably recovered him and were forced to reconstruct Geoform 187, or Ridley as he is code named. This reconstruction was ordered by Command. Ridley had to go through a painful metamorphosis to become the mechanical behemoth. After completion, some of the early Pirate tests showed an increase in mobility, strength, and offensive potential and capabilities. They also added cybernetic modules and armor plating. In Metroid: Zero Mission, the final boss was Ridley Robot, a robot built in Ridley's likeness; this could be viewed as the prototype to Meta Ridley (as they share similar characteristics), though this one was complete machinery and had no wings or legs (being incomplete, it instead had tubes that were most likely a computer interface), unlike the true resurrected Ridley meta-form.

In The Final Destination Universe Showdown (When Meta Ridley)Edit

After Ridley is thrown into another Universe by Arceus, he lands right in front of intelligent Space Pirates. They enhance him with their technology, after being enhanced, the reborn Ridley goes for Samus. Some time later, Meta Ridley appears! But this time, he was fighting Dexter and Dee Dee, both in the Robo-Dexo 2000.

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