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Sackboy is the name of the generic avatar in LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy is made of sackcloth and stuffing, with stitches clearly visible at the top of his head, and a large zipper down the front of his/her chest. SackPeople are apparently only 8 centimeters tall. Sackpeople are stuffed with fluff and (believe it or not) ice cream! He/She is an adorable little guy/gal, and you can move it around through the various worlds and have fun with other SackPeople.


The game focuses on its base of simplicity and the controls are minimalist and yet diverse at the same time.

Kaiju VariationsEdit

Sackboy has many kaiju variations, including:

In LBP Godzilla: The SeriesEdit

Your Sackboy goes on a quest to save the Earth from the Vortaak's invasion. He helps Godzilla and sometimes actually defeats some of the monsters with the help of the Paintinator. It turns out their weakness is Paintinator Paint.

In Victoria's Jelly MeaniesEdit

Your Sackboy gets called to Victoria's Kitchen by Victoria Von Bathysphere herself, to get rid of the Evolved Jelly Meanies, but after he does, with the help of the Cupcake Shooter, the Meanie Queenie appears and teleports him to her secret base. There he fights her and eventually wins, eliminating the Meanies once and for all.

In Electriskull FrenzyEdit

Your Sackboy mysteriously appeared in a cave filled with Creatinators and mysterious glowing, skeletal, undead skeleton-sackpeople. Sackboy uses his prowess with the Creatinator Shooters to eliminate all of them and survive the Electriskull King.

In The FDUSEdit

Sackboy appears.

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