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Cyborg Kaiju
Servopent, Protector of Atlantis
Species Cyborg Giant Deep-Sea Cobra (Micpoe hannah)
Length 160 meters
Weight 40,000 tons
Gender Male
Combat Style ???

Servopent for Colossal Kaiju Combat! Here! :D
Servopent (サーボペント Sābopento) is a swift cyborg cobra with great defenses and physical attacks which can be dodged fairly easily modified from an unknown deep-sea cobra species dubbed "Micpoe hannah". His long-ranged attacks last for about 3 seconds and deal less damage.


Atlanteans found the only known member of a species of giant deep-sea cobras and mechanically modified him to be their guardian. The continent had several attacks of ancient kaiju, but Servopent always fended them off. Even after the disappearance of Atlantis, Servopent still protects the area of where Atlantis used to be. After thousands of years, Servopent has evolved beyond his place of birth and has become more of a protector of Earth that will defend all the nice creatures of Earth.


Servopent Stats

Energy System

Servopent half runs on electricity and and another half on basic willpower and energy. He defends not just Atlantis but any threat that the Earth faces. If Servopent's electric energy somehow gets lost, he can't use any special attacks and will be much slower, but his physical attacks get a dangerous increase.

Ranged Combat

Servopent is very fast and can resist beam attacks. Servopent's special attacks are long ranged (except for his Poisonous spit). His light beam is small but can break appart, so that if it is waved around the beam will not stay in one straight line but rather will create beams travelling in the direction they were shot in, much how Toho Kaiju Mothra Larva and Kumonga's webs break apart from the main string shot in the Showa films they appear in.


Servopent, slithering at at normal speed, is faster than normal kaiju. His white scutes are smooth and help move fast. He can sprint for 30 seconds, then has to wait 10 seconds to be able to sprint again. Servopent's hoodie can turn into arms which he can carry any kaiju that is the same weight or less than him and keep them over his head. Kaiju that are heavier than him he can hold onto and repeatedly spit at but he can't throw. When Servopent is grabbed, he shakes around and tries to attack with his tail. When he is successful, he transforms his hoodie into arms, grabs the arms of the grabber, lands on the ground and sends the opponent flying in the air backwards behind where Servopent landed, the opponent taking damage when he hits the floor. An alternative one is that he swings his tail very hard to the grabber's arms, making them have to let one hand go and then Servopent collapses on top of them, and slithers away.

Melee Combat

Servopent's medium-ranged arms and speed can save him from close combat if it is strong. He also has a strong defense which helps him. Kaiju that are not strong offensively Servopent can take on without receiving much damage. His physical attacks can a lot damage to opponents with even strong defenses. His arms also enable simple punches, which like most other kaiju don't deal a lot of damage, but they are noticeably stronger. His arms' mechanical claws also allow him to scratch at other opponents which takes about two seconds to do but also deals more damage than normal punches.


Servopent's physical attacks might deal considerable damage to opponents, but Mecha-Cobra's 2 major physical attacks, the tail whip and body slam, take about 2.5 seconds on average to perform (making them very easy to dodge for fast monsters unless they are unable to move), and two additional seconds for him to be able to move again. His poisonous fang attack, which deals more damage than the previous two and keeps subtracting a small fraction of health each second for 10 seconds, requires him to be close to an opponent, so he is at risk of getting grabbed or engaging in close combat. Servopent's special attacks may be long-ranged, but they do not as much damage as his physical attacks and last for a maximum of 3 seconds. When Servopent sprints, it takes 35 seconds to be able to sprint again. Like mentioned before, if Servopent's electric energy is cut, he will get slower and he won't be able to use special attacks.



  • Tail Smash - Servopent does a powerful hit with the broad side of his organic tail bone the equivalent of getting hit with hundreds of tanks.
  • Body Slam - Slams with his ebtire body weight.
  • Cytoxic Bite - Servopent's fangs contain hundreds of gallons of cobra venom.
  • Hood hands - Transforming his hood into hands and using them for quick, medium ranged swipes as well as grabing and throwing


  • Truelampago Ray (Electrozap Beam) - Supercharged ray of electricity emitted from his mouth
  • Scourge Beam - Plasma emitted from his blue horn.
  • Cytoxic Spit - Servopent spits extremely potent cobra venom at up to an entire kilometer.


  • Servopent used to have a block-like appearance in early art, because the idea for him was originated in LEGO.
  • Servopent was originally called "Mecha-Cobra".
  • Servopent likes nomming.




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