Shark Godzilla


Godzilla was going back to his underwater trench when he came face-to-face with a LIVING Megalodon, the largest (but extinct) shark! Godzilla almost killed it, but it swam away too soon. Godzilla went to his trench, asleep. An Atomic bomb was sent underwater, and hit the Megalodon that Godzilla fought. The DNA of Godzilla collected on the Megalodon mixed with the radiation of the bomb, transforming it into Shark Godzilla! The giant kaiju swam up to the surface and looked around. He saw civilization in the distance, then crawled out of the ocean and headed for the city. Shark Godzilla wanted to prove how horrible he is, so he began destroying the city. Godzilla came and battled him. Neither kaiju were killed, and Shark Godzilla allied up with Godzilla in the end.


Shark Godzilla can shoot a yellow Atomic Ray that is larger than Godzilla's Atomic Ray but shoots slower, and can breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Shark Godzilla looks just like 1955 Godzilla but has webbed hands, shark back fins instead of plates, and no legs. He is about the same size as Godzilla is in "Godzilla Raids Again", but his color wouldn't be different in a black and white movie and a color movie, meaning that the only colors on him are black, white, and shades of gray, even on the inside of his mouth.

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