The Dodo Disaster: Rise of SUE! is a story in which Keen, clones a Dodo Bird, and the Painite he is studying turns him evil. SUE the T. Rex also gets mosterfied. The Dodo, later dubbed "Dodozilla", lays hundreds of Dodo eggs and grows to 70 meters in height. All of the Dodos believe SUE is their queen, and follow her commands. It is up to Keen, Mecha-Cobra, and Nick, to stop this Dodo Disaster!


This story starts in the lab of famous scientist, Keen Lebron. Keen is looking at a "Painite" when Nick just appears from nowhere and says: "Hello! So... what are you doing?" Keen says: "What are you doing here?" and turns around. Nick says: "You didn't answer my question!" Keen says: "Neither did you. Answer me." Nick said: "Uh... just dropping by?" Keen says: "I am studying this Painite. An anonymous person gave it to me, and claimed it was Painite with strange properties. I am beggining to doubt it is even Painite." Nick says: "Does it clone stuff?" Keen says: "No." Keen and Nick are talking about clonation: "How is it possible to clone? Have you cloned anything, Keen?" Keen says: "No I have not. But cloning is possible. However, cloning dinosaurs and other extinct creatures is beyond me or any other scientists." Then Nick mentions: "How about like, recreating the Genetic Code of an animal and inject it onto it's closest living relative?". Keen says: "Wait, you have just given me an idea", Nick says: "That was really possible?" Keen says: "No, what you said made no sense, but it gave me an idea." and they talk about animals they should clone: "So, uh, you should clone something... how about a T-Rex?" "No.", "A mammoth?" "No.", "How about a dodo?", "That sounds possible, so yes." Keen then calls the closest museum with Dodo remains and asks if he could borrow them to test an experiment of cloning. They obviously say yes, but at the cost of money; Jira Museum: "You have reached Jira City Museum's help center." Keen: "I am Keen Lebron. Does this museum own any Dodo Bird remains? I require them for an experiment." Museum: "Keen! Yes, you may get them. But the price is 2,000 dollars. IF they are returned without a scratch." Keen: "Does this museum really not trust me?" Museum: "Well, you can have it for 100 dollars." Keen: "That is fine. Please deliver it fast." Museum: "OK!". A truck comes and gives Keen a package with the remains. Keen pays the money and goes to his lab, where he starts experimenting, with Nick watching all he does. "Ooh. Aah. That's it I'm bored."

Keen then says that it'll take a while, so Nick says: "Okay... tell me when you've fixed it! Oh wait! What's this?" Nick looks at the object, and Keen says: "I already told you that this is called Painite. I am currently studying it. Refrain from having any type of contact with it." Nick: "Oh, Okay. See you later!".

Keen "types in" the genetic code on to the microscopic piece of DNA he found inside the bones ands then he injects Nicobar Pigeon eggs with it. After a few days, they were hatching! Keen, Nick and Ana were there, and saw the first 21st century Dodo hatch. It was breaking news! They spent 2 hours with it, grooming and feeding it. It was growing quickly, and Keen said: "She is growing quickly, unnaturally fast." Nick said: "Well, she's unnaturally alive." Then she bit Ana: "Aaah, she bit me!" Keen: "Oh my, that is unusual, according to the recorded behaviour. She will have to be put in an escape-proof cage." Nick: "Aw." The Dodo was put in a cage with some fruit by Keen. Keen typed in a code and the cage closed. They looked at the time and Ana said: "I'm hungry." Keen: "Do not worry, let us go and buy some food!" Nick said: "Yay!" Keen said: "Not for you." Nick: "Aw." And they left the lab. Moments later, the Dodo ate the fruit and started pecking at the password system and cracked it. She came out and looked at the Painite. She confused the red Painite for an apple and put it in her mouth. She spit it out and her eyes started glowing. She was emitting an aura and started growing. She got out of the lab and out of the house. She then sniffed some fruit and went away.

To Be Continued

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