WARNING: This is bad. I wrote it as a little kid with a bare-bones grasp on the English language. Expect a lot of silliness and nonsense. At least this version of the idea will never be finished.

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Final Destination Universe Showdown

The Final Destination, is a great idea created by 493Titanollante, in which many universes join forces against the most horrible being ever, Destonator. It has nothing to do with the horror movies or the Smash Bros. stage.

In the picture on top, there is: The Mario Universe, the Godzilla Universe, Sonic Universe, Kirby Universe, Pac-Man Universe, Ape Escape Universe, Metroid Universe, TimeSplitters Universe, Invader Zim Universe, Pokemon Universe, Fairly Odd Parents Universe and the Danny Phantom Universe, but there are much more!

This story begins... with a severly injured Destonator carrying a colossal beam in his hand, and all the matter of the Multiverses imploding on themselves... the Heroes are all knocked out... and Destonator is laughing manically.....


Chapter I: The Beggining

The plot starts in Light's Graduation Day, he's in his house preparing for the graduation, then Dark comes and sits in his window and says: "So, FINALLY you're going to graduate?", Light just looks at him. Dark then tells him that he feels something is going to happen after Light's graduation. Light laughs sarcastically and Dark flies off.

Light's graduation day takes place. 12 hours later, they have a party. After 2 hours of anything and everything, the Shalos come through a giant Portal. Light says that it can't be true, and Dark comes in and says: "Light! You Idiot! I told you, this was going to happen! But, you know, you can help me save this stupid planet..." "Let's do it!" And they battle the Shalos. After they battle, the remaining Shalos fuse to create some kind of, hologram. The body of some kind of monster appears and says: "Greetings. The last Shalos united to allow me to introduce myself. I AM... (Destonator in his mind, looks at Light and says: "Light?") YOU! I remember! You *Blastoise* put me to sleep for more than 12,000 years! I was about to take over Kahran until a boy named Light made me melt away!" Light and Dark get shocked and realize he was Destonator. Destonator says: "BUT! At least I'll tell you my plans to take over ALL the Universes & revive a few "Antagonists"... NOT! Hahahahaha...(He keeps saying like a hundred Ha's.)...HA!" Light asks Destonator his name to make sure he's Destonator, and Destonator responds: "I AM... DESTONATOR! (In his mind: "So, did they forget my name?"), and he silently says "Farewell", and departs... Light says: "Oh my good guts, we may be doomed!" Dark replies: "Nah, hey the Portal is growing." Light is absorbed by the Portal and Dark sighs and follows to get him.

Meanwhile, in Dreamland, Kirby and Meta-Knight are heading to investigate the Portal that just appeared there. King Dedede is in his castle, sleeping, for now. When they get there, Shalos appear. Kirby and Meta-Knight fight them off, but the Shalos realize that they are no match, and unite to form Shalo-Kirby. The Shalo-Kirby grabs Kirby to absorb him, to make himself stronger, but Meta-Knight slashes his arm off. They keep battling, and in the end, Kirby inhales and spits it back to the Portal. They both get sucked in by the Portal.

In, the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone is celebrating one of the Mushroom Kingdom's Foundation Anniversary, and everyone is invited, but Bowser is not amused. He is outside Princess Peach's Castle, and something happened: The Portal appears! Bowser gets angry because he knows something is going to happen and walks towards the Portal. He sees the Shalos and fights them. Mario thinks it has been too much time for Bowser to not be in the celebration and goes outside, he sees the Portal and tells Luigi to come and help him. They help Bowser and when they thought they won, the Portal got bigger and sucked Bowser, Mario and Luigi. Princess Peach was worried and came outside, she was sucked in too.

Just then, Light, Dark, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Kirby and Meta-Knight, meet at the Universal Central, a place that connects every single Universe on one convenient location. Portals connect to all universes, but once you go to a universe, you can't come back... But all universes are in danger, so all portals remain where they appear. There is another thing, you can't know what Portal leads to what Universe, unless you remember. The Heroes go to another universe, they end up in the Pokemon Universe.

Chapter II: The Pokemon Universe

There, they meet Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. They explain what has been happening. They ask Ash if there are other people or Pokemon in his universe that can be real helpful. Ash says there are great Pokemon Trainers and strong Pokemon there.

Suddenly, they see the Halberd. King Dedede, was sucked by a Portal that leads to the Universal Central, along with some of his Waddle Dees and the Halberd. They then get sucked in again by another Portal and appear in the Pokemon Universe's Earth, flying in the skies. The Heroes follow the Halberd, Meta-Knight gets angry and flies towards it. The Main Cannon shoots down Meta-Knight, badly hurting him, but Kirby gives Meta-Knight a Maxim Tomato, which heals him. Then all the characters ride on a different transportation method to get to the Halberd. They do, and later find out King Dedede is commanding the ship, and Meta-Knight gets angrier. Wario then turns around and sees the group. Everything goes silent. Then Wario turns around again, and some Waddle Dees jump on him. Every one attacks the Waddle Dees. Then one Waddle Dee tells Dedede: "Kirby and Meta-Knight are here, and other creatures came with them." King Dedede gets surprised/shocked and says to engage the security code. The heroes go through the Halberd and find themselves with the secured and in-destructible door. While they try to figure out the password, Shalos come and swallow King Dedede, and take the form of him. The heroes figure out the password (The Password was "Lord Dedede is WAY better than Kirby".) and they fight them and the Shalo-Dedede. Eventually they win and the Shalos spits Dedede. King Dedede joins the heroes and Meta-Knight pilots the Halberd to the nearest Portal.

The Portal leads to The Fate Temple where they meet Kanto League Champion, Red. Red was studying the Pokemon in the Temple and the Hieroglyphs. However, he does not talk, and he vanishes as soon as he is encountered. Fatear then shows itself, and telepathically tells the heroes "Visitors, a giant dinosaur-like beast is coming. It seems, it is coming, F-for me!". Ash asks for characteristics, Fatear says: "There is no time for details, because, the monster is right there!". The first time everyone (except Light and Dark) sees The King of Evil. Destonator introduces himself and reveals his plans. While Destonator was talking, Red takes Ash and Pikachu inside the Temple, and go through a maze. The Maze leads to a "Statue" of Fateranaur. There is a hieroglyph, and Ash pushes it and the Fateranaur statue starts shaking. Destonator finishes his speech and instantly grabs Fatear. He says: "Oh well, your efforts will be now ruined! With Fatear in my hand, I will be UNBEATABLE! Bad-Bye!". Before he could teleport away. Fateranaur punches him with a Focus Punch, he lets Fatear fall off his hand and Destonator spits blood out. Destonator says: "That was a lucky shot you *BLASTOISE!*! Oh, I will not destroy you all now, because it would be sad to not see your full potential! But I will destroy your precious Halberd!". He fires an extremely powerful beam at the Halberd and leaves. Meta-Knight falls to the floor and starts sobbing.

Fatear thanks the heroes. But Fateranaur challenges Light. Light does not attack, only dodges Fateranaur's attack. Eventually, Fateranaur gives up. Fateranaur gets healed by Fatear and Fatear convinces him to join the heroes. Ash sees a Repap likes him and allows Ash to have a Pokemon Battle with it to catch it. Pikachu shocks the Repap with thunderbolt and Ash throws a Poke-Ball, the Repap is caught, and Ash releases the Repap again. Ash says: "Hey there. Do you want to help us find Destonator?" The Repap shook his head in a way that means yes. A Portal appears, Kirby inhales Meta-Knight, and the Heroes go through it.

Chapter III: Invading Zim

After they go through, Kirby spits out Meta-Knight and they meet with the King of the Monsters! Godzilla, sensing the good intentions, immediately joins the Heroes. They then find a Portal to go through, and the Heroes enter. But Light carelessly jumped in the wrong Portal, and the Portal closed!

Still not knowing of Light's disappearance, the Heroes explore a sad, sad, pathetic Earth filled with worm-babies. They explore the place, but everyone can't keep an eye off them (Because of Godzilla). Dark can't handle more people looking at 'em, so he shrinks Godzilla to his size until they either need him or get out of there. Suddenly, Godzilla's weight creates a hole where they fall through. They land on a base that does not seem of Earth. After wandering a little, they see a little green dog with big eyes standing on two legs. He runs away saying "Master, master! There's some funny-looking guys down here". And then, a green kid comes and says: "We're normal! WE'RE NORMAL! So get out of MY... er... house!". None of the Heroes believe this, and so the 'Kid' reveals himself as the best Irken Invader, Zim! The little dog unzips his disguise and is revealed to be the malfunctioning Irken robot, GIR! And out of nowhere, a big-headed kid called Dib appears with a camera with no batteries (Dib sighs and says that it always happens to him). Zim then reveals the Mega-Doomer, and uses it against the Heroes and Dib saying: "I AM ZIM! HA HA HA HA! FOOLISH BEINGS, I AM ZIM! YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME! I AM INVISIBLE!". Dib tells Zim he's not, but Zim ignores him. Zim eventually destroys his base and says that the Mega-Doomer is malfunctioning, and initiates it's Self-Destruct, and it blows up a rather small explosion. Zim blames the Heroes (Mostly Dib) for the destruction of his base. Zim then just forgets it by saying: "Forget it". Zim, Dib and GIR join the Heroes. Dark notices Light is missing and says: "That's weird." The Heroes go through a Portal that appears near the outside of Zim's "House".

Chapter IV: When Ghosts Arrive

Light, who had previously missed out on meeting Zim, Dib and GIR, falls from a Portal onto a distorted world, he had gone through a Portal to the Reverse World! Light explores the place a little, and encounters Darkrai! Darkrai thinks he's responsible for him appearing in the Reverse World without warning and attacks. Light does not want to fight him and tries to tell him he has nothing to do with him appearing there. But Darkrai does not listens and keeps fighting. After a short while fighting, Danny Phantom spots the brawl and asks them: "Um, Who are you two?". Light answers: "I'm Light, Kahran's greatest warrior! A hero of there too!", and Darkrai attacks Danny, so he goes with Light. Eventually, they defeat Darkrai. And then, Giratina sees the KO'd Darkrai and attacks. Danny tells Giratina that he attacked them, which only makes Giratina dislike them more. After a while, a Portal appears and Shalos come out. Darkrai regained consciousness and all four joined forces to go through the swarm of Shalos to escape the Reverse World. After escaping, they meet with the rest of the group who had got out of Zim's Universe recently, and Danny, Darkrai and Giratina join the Heroes!

Chapter V: Destroy All Monsters

After that Incident, the heroes start a camp. Dark shrinks Godzilla once again, and everyone is desperate to have sleep (With the Exception of Light and Dark, since they don't sleep). After an exact 10-hour rest by everyone, they wake up with energy. But suddenly... (Dark):"What in the..." Six Giant Monsters come. Kaiju! Godzilla seems to know who these are. Dark sees that, and makes Big-G his normal size. A small moth and two people the size of about 12 inches come riding on it. They tell the heroes, both saying the same thing: "Greetings. We are Mothra's twin fairies. We come with her, her son Mothra Leo and four other monsters, who are referred to as "Anguirus", "Rodan", "Baragon" and "King Caesar". We do not know if all monsters will trust you, but Mothra and Leo will surely trust you."

The twin fairies were right! Mothra and Mothra Leo did trust them, and Godzilla trusted her and her son. But the four other kaiju were not so trustful. Even though all of them have been allies with Godzilla, they still won't trust them. So, it seems a monster brawl most go... As the monsters prepare to fight, the heroes watch from a distance, some flying, some not. All they know, is that this ain't going to be pretty.

Rodan flaps it's wings and soars to Godzilla. Anguirus curls up and rolls to Godzilla. Baragon burrows quickly underground towards Godzilla. King Caesar does a somersault high up in the air towards Godzilla. But Godzilla does an energy earthquake, and Mothra makes some hurricane winds. The monsters are blown away, and they are mad now. They attack Godzilla and Mothra at the same time, but Mothra Leo steps in and breaks them apart. Mothra blasts King Caesar, Godzilla throws Anguirus at Baragon, Anguirus bounces off and hits Rodan, which sends Rodan flying towards King Caesar, and they crash onto Baragon. Anguirus is blown by Mothra Leo to the pile of kaiju, but Anguirus somersaults to Mothra, and they crash onto Godzilla which falls to the floor. Mothra Leo goes towards the new pile, but King Caesar stands up and makes Mothra Leo crash onto him. Baragon burrows underground and Rodan takes to the skies. Godzilla stands up and makes the kaiju on top of him fall off. Rodan fires at Godzilla with his Uranium Beam, but Godzilla turns aside, Baragon jumps out and the beam hits him, sending him crashing onto his hole. Godzilla turns around and fires his Atomic Breath at the speeding Rodan, and Rodan comes crashing down to the ground. Mothra regains consciousness and flaps her wings. But Anguirus unleashes a Sonic Roar that annoys Mothra, and Anguirus jumps up and bites Mothra's wing. Mothra Leo fires a string shot at Anguirus, and he becomes desperate to get out. Anguirus lets go of her wing and falls on top of Rodan and Baragon. And then, Godzilla, Mothra and Mothra Leo have an All-Out Attack on King Caesar. An Extremely bright beam of light shines with King Caesar in it, and he shoots the beams back! It seems they would be defeated, but suddenly, a new Beam disintegrates the three old ones, and the four kaiju look amazed and confused, but then, Godzilla was the most amazed and happy of all. Godzilla Junior and Minilla were standing on the sidelines. The beam was fired by Minilla. Godzilla Junior fires at King Caesar, and sends him flying to the pile. Godzilla, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Minilla and Godzilla Junior won! The pile regained consciousness and joined the Heroes, because they didn't want a beating like that again!

Chapter VI: Pipo Monkeys

The Heroes continue, and bump into hundreds of Pipo Monkeys, Spike, and Specter! Specters calls out to the Heroes: "Who are all of you?", Zim responds: "I AM--!", but Light quickly interrupts Zim and says: "We are the creatures searching far and wide for all to help us defeat Destonator. We are the good guys." Specter says: "I hate good guys!" But Spike tries to convince Specter: "Specter! They might know why we are here, where are we, and all that stuff! Don't blow this please!" Specter ignores Spike and says: "Monkeys! Attack the good guys!" The monkeys put on a fighting stance, and run towards the Heroes! Light takes on 9, Dark takes on 24, Kirby on 16, Mario on 20, Danny on 14, Ash, Pikachu and Repap on 32, All Kaiju have a hard time with 1 Monkey, Zim on 30, GIR on 2, and it goes on! Eventually the Heroes get the upper hand and the Monkeys retreat. Specter gets furious, but Spike tells him: "Uh, I hate to say this but... I told you so, I told you so!" The Heroes explain the conflict and the Apes, Specter, and Spike, join the Heroes!

Just moments from the Ape Escape crew joining, a whole lot of weird characters appear. They came all with weapons and bombs... They were asking who they were, or they would shoot. Danny replied: "Don't you think all of you would be sleeping with the fishes already if we were evil? Just look at that big guy back there (Godzilla)." They put their weapons down and Farrah asked: "What's in it for us?" Dib replied: "How about you and your world being safe from Destonator? Would that be enough? HUH?!" The comic relief TS gang smiled faintly. They looked at each-other. Farrah then said: "We're in." and so they joined, but they also said they saw TimeSplitters and other humans, so they led the Heroes to a Portal that leads to the TimeSplitters Universe. But in the way, they find a giant problem, they run into a whole army of Monkayans!

Chapter VII: TimeSplitting Monkeys

King Cropolite orders the immediate surrender of the Heroes, but Specter says: "No. You don't tell me what to do." Farrah: "Us?". King Cropolite then angrily turns his head to Gondoron, the only Gandarian that used to live in Monkaya, the pet of Cropolite. He starts to say things to Gondoron, in a demonic tone. Gondoron then turns from a cowardly red alien albertosaurus to a ruthless beast. His eyes glow blood-red, his teeth, claws and dorsal plates turn into vastly sharp spikes and he loses his mind, being controlled by King Cropolite. Gondoron roars and the Heroes make way for the Kaiju. The monsters roar back to him. But just as they were about to fight... Shalos appear! The Heroes are startled, and get ready to fight. King Cropolite ignores the Shalos and makes Gondoron launch his signature Anti-Matter Beam towards Minilla, but Danny Phantom makes Minilla intangible. Then Minilla does as he were thanking Danny. Danny says: "Hehe, you're kinda cute. Your Welcome!" and flies off to fight the Shalos. Godzilla sees this and begins to trust humans more. The kaiju then start attacking Gondoron, all versus him. Meanwhile, the rest of the Heroes fight the Monkayan army and the Shalos. It was a skirmish between the Shalos and the Heroes, but before they left, they fused to leave a message from Destonator. Everyone stopped to listen. Destonator said: "Hello ya' *FARFETCH'D* idiots! I just wanted to tell you, that I have just finished absorbing Palkia and Dialga, so my space-time powers will be OFF THE CHARTS! Now, I'm plotting on having a bit more fun... I can't wait to have my plot revealed to you!" Dark then says: "Why don't cha' reveal it now, Dumb*ABRA*?" Destonator replies with his eyes on fire: "YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN THE MOOD, HUH *FLAREON* PIECE OF *SPINARAK*?! WELL *FLAREON* IT, I'LL TAKE THE BORING WAY INSTEAD! JUST SO YOU CAN'T BRAG ABOUT IT! I WILL COME UP WITH SOMETHING PURE EVIL TO DO TO ALL OF YOU. See you all later! Bad-Bye!" Everyone in the Universal Central except Dark: "Way to go, DARK!" Oops, Dark really messed up this time...

King Cropolite gets so mad, he unleashes his Portal Daemon! King Cropolite grew to 120 Meters and started attacking Dark! Dark dodged his eye beams and all of his physical attacks and used the Poison Hammer on Cropolite's face! Everyone was silent and stared at the Portal Daemon falling down slowly. When he hit the ground, the place seemed to have been hit by an earthquake. The Monkayans ran to their king. Fatear runs to Cropolite and heals him. When Cropolite woke up, he looked at Fatear, and grabbed him threateningly. All Heroes were paralyzed, it seems as if Cropolite was being controlled by Destonator! Cropolite then stood up, a Portal appeared and Shalos came out. Then Destonator's voice came out of Cropolite's mouth! He said: "Oh how fun this was! I came up with it when Dark wanted to know *SUNKERN*! This is practically the end! I'm giving you a Billion chances to live, because Eternity will be boring with no life besides be and my servants, but you all waste them! Disappointing. Oh well, Bad-Bye!" But when Cropolite was about to leave, the Portal closes. Everyone goes like: "What just happened?"...

What happened was that Palkia sensed it and closed the Portal with his power. Cropolite dropped to the floor and started screaming with pain. Cropolite was doing everything exactly like Destonator, so that must mean something is happening to him! Cropolite keeps screaming and then, he throws up in a Portal. Then the Portal Cropolite is in starts to close... Cropolite starts running away but he gets slowed down a lot... from the Portal come Palkia and Dialga! Destonator regurgitated the two legendaries! Ew. They look at Fatear and come to the Heroes. They roar in victory. Everyone cheers and Fatear comes up. Palkia and Dialga look at Fatear, then to Giratina, then to Darkrai and finally to Ash and Pikachu. Fatear then heals Palkia and Dialga. They were unstoppable now! But then... Destonator appeared, extremely angry. He then said: "THAT IS IT!!!!! I WILL *FEAROW* YOU UP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" Palkia opens a Portal and Destonator falls through it. The Heroes think they won for now, but they are wrong...

Destonator came back with the angriest (and most menacing) face ever to be made in the history of forever and disintegrates some Shalos. He carves out from their shadow ashes and shadowicle a plesiosaur-looking monster. Destonator then said in a very demonic voice: "MEET THE SHIP-SHIFTER!" Zim then screams out loud: "Don't you mean 'Shape-Shifter'?!" Destonator lifts Zim up and throws him away. Then, this new creature roars extremely loud and sets off an evil aura that starts suffocating the Heroes. Destonator says: "YOU ALL WILL DIE, THANK DARK FOR IT. BAD-BYE... FOREVER!" and leaves. But JUST then, Spooky came and threw the "Ship-Shifter" to a Portal, and vanished. The Heroes were safe, but they found out something horrible, they ALL lost their superpowers!

Chapter VIII: The Ship-Shifter and the Mythical Pokemon

It seemed impossible, but they all lost the powers they did not have naturally! Danny Fenton lost his ghost powers, Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, and the other mutated kaiju were reverted to their original forms, and everyone forgot all fighting moves that were not self-taught. Then, some Reapers, Berserkers, and Scourge Splitters came out of nowhere. But gun shots were heard, and a few Splitters collapsed. It was Cortez, Hart and Jojo! The Splitters then went charging towards the trio, and they were shot down. One Reaper Splitter did not attack or growl, but instead showed, loyalty. Cortez quickly showed the gun to his face but Hart stopped him. Light remembered he could tell the purity of heart of any living being and it's intentions, so he walked to the Reaper. He read his heart and sensed it wanted to help the Heroes. Light said: "Hello. I am Light Mektro. The creature wants to help us defeat Destonator." Cortez said: "Who are you? What's this 'Destonator'? Do you know where we are? Why are we here?" Light replied: "As I told you already, I'm Light Mektro. A Pure Of Heart Kahranian. Destonator is the most evil being that ever existed in the history of all Multiverses, his goal is to take over all universes, including yours. This place is known as 'The Universal Central'. You are here because a Portal swallowed you." Hart said: "I guess you seem nice. What are those... dinosaurs?" Everyone looks at them. Light says: "Those are the monsters! They became dinosaurs! How?... Oh, right. The Shipshifter." Hart: "I guess we will have to join you on your quest. We were in the Space Station collecting all the crystals... mankind is in danger. Let's go!" But everyone suddenly turns around to see Zim is back, and he says: "That, that... DINOSAUR threw me so FAR it's not even FUNNY! I AM ZIM! HAHAHAHAHA!" Dib notices Zim is still alive and asks Zim: "How do you remember all this?" Zim responds: "Foolish human! My PAK is still fine!"

Then, many Portals start appearing and disappearing at random. The Heroes then get sucked in by many Portals and end up meeting with the Shipshifter, who is running away, in an asteroid belt. The Heroes follow it and jump from asteroid to asteroid, and they witness it transform into Mew. Ash remembers it. Then a colossal Portal appears and sucks in the Heroes and the "Mew". They reappear in the Universal central and two Mews are there. One flees to a Portal and the other follows, so do the Heroes.

They end up in Spear Pillar, and Light says: "There are two Ship-Shifters?" Ash says: "One is, the other is probably a real Mew." When the two Mews stop, the Heroes are confused. Right then, Mewtwo attacks the fake Mew and the Ship-Shifter transforms back into his original form. Mewtwo sees Ash and starts attacking. Ash sends out Repap and orders him to use Shadow Ball. Mewtwo is hit, and he get angry. In a single thought, Mewtwo knocks out Repap. Ash runs to him and says: "Sorry Repap, come back." Mewtwo lifts up Ash in the air with his psychic abilities. Pikachu does an Iron Tail attack, but Mewtwo lifts him up as well. Everyone else is standing there, shocked, looking at Mewtwo. The Godzillasaurus surprises Mewtwo and bites him, but Mewtwo uses his thoughts to lift him up and throw the three off the mountain. Right then, Spooky appears again and brought the three back up. Spooky and Mewtwo prepare to fight, but are interrupted by a hypnotized Arceus roaring and walking down from the Hall Of Origin.

The real Mew comes to Ash, and the Ship-Shifter Mew starts to run away. Everyone puts their guard up except for Ash, who looks at Mew and says: "You are the real Mew, right?" Arceus makes a mean look at the Ship-Shifter Mew and uses Body Slam on it. When it lands on the Spear Pillar, the fake Mew changes back to the Ship-Shifter. It starts to growl, Mew encloses the Heroes in a Protect bubble, and then the Ship-Shifter starts to roar. Arceus drops to the floor and starts to lose being hypnotized. But Ship-Shifter's roar and aura is not affecting Arceus, because he taught himself everything he knows. Arceus stands up, picks the Ship-Shifter up, and uses encore. Mew makes the bubble disappear. Arceus tells Mew to enclose those that have not been infected with dark aura, which Mew does immediately. The Ship-Shifter roars again and everything returns to normal. The unmutated monsters turn back to their radiated forms, Danny regains his ghost powers, the Pokemon remember their moves, etc.! Dialga and Arceus use Roar of Time and make the Ship-Shifter move extremely slow, and Palkia and Arceus use Spacial Rend on the Ship-Shifter and make it disappear to a distant and remote universe uninhabited by any type of life. Arceus looks at Mewtwo, then Red, then Ash and Pikachu, and then looks at all of the Heroes. He says: "Did you all enjoy the show?" Ash then says: "Arceus! I haven't seen you in some time!" Arceus says: "Ah yes, Ash Ketchum. You helped me in the past." Ash then looks at Spooky and says: "Hey, thank you for saving me, Pikachu, Repap and Godzilla!" Pikachu says: "Pika pika!" Spooky looks down. Ash turns to Arceus and says: "Repap... he's badly injured." Ash throws the Pokeball and Repap comes out tired. Repap looks at Mewtwo and Mewtwo looks away. Arceus says: "Yes. He does look about to faint. Mew, please use... use... use..." Fatear and Fateranaur look at Arceus and Arceus looks at them both. Fateranaur looks at Arceus with a little anger. Arceus says: "Fateranaur. You are breaking the only rule I have told you to do for all eternity. Why are you out of your temple?" Ash said: "We woke him up. He stood up to Destonator and saved Fatear from being taken away." Fatear said: "Fatear fate, tear fate." Arceus responded: "Destonator... yes, the colossal creature that hypnotized me. I will make an exception. No... I will let you free, Fateranaur. Your curse, is lifted." Fateranaur and Fatear smiled and said: "Fate fate!" Fatear healed Repap and everyone was good.

Chapter IX: Metroid

They then got away to the Universal Central through a Portal, where they see an armor-clad woman running away from a giant purple pterodactyl. The bounty hunter Samus Aran spots the heroes and thinks for a moment, thinking about the group. She then decides to make a hand gesture as if telling them to leave. They back up and witness the battle between Samus and the space pirate leader Ridley. Ridley roars and Samus shoots missiles at it's mouth. It then flies up and swoops down on Samus, but she rolled into her Morph Ball, charged a morph ball bomb, moved away and the bomb exploded when Ridley came close to it. Samus changed back into the Varia Suit and started shooting beams at it. All of them missed, Ridley was moving very fast. Ridley tries to swoop down again and this time it does capture Samus. He roars right on her face and puts her to make friction to the U.C.'s floor, which starts to waste the Varia Suit. But suddenly, a huge beam strikes Ridley and sends him flying to a Portal that closes right when it enters. Samus stops sliding on the floor and looks at the Heroes. Arceus starts saying: "I saw you told us not to intervene, but you were in grave danger, so I used my Judgment on that creature." Samus then proceeds to make a gratitude gesture and joins the Heroes. But, is Ridley defeated...?

Chapter X: The Videogame Legends

A while later, the Heroes see a yellow ball going around fast being followed by a very fast blue ball. The Heroes get their guard up but keep watching carefully. The yellow ball springs up and hits the blue ball, making it loose rings. The blue ball then opens up and reveals a blue hedgehog. It was Sonic the Hedgehog. Mario somehow recognizes it and jumps toward the yellow ball and throws a punch. But he is bounced off, and the yellow ball opens up and looks back. It was Pac-Man. Mario was about to punch again, but Spooky grabbed him mid-air and put him down. Spooky said Pac-Man was a hero, not a bad guy. Then, the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde come and look at Pac-Man. They start to chase him but Spooky gets in the way. The ghosts remember him and they just float staring at Spooky with their mouths semi-open and their eyes obviously giving off a confused look. Spooky tells them that the Golden Fruit Tree was ripped off by a storm, but no ordinary storm, like a black-hole sucking in Pac-Village. He escaped, but ended up in there. He spent some time alone, until another Portal appeared and he got into "this weird space place". Spooky tried to persuade them in the nicest way he could. But the ghosts still had mixed thoughts about helping Pac-Man. Zim then shouted: "DO IT UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR SOULS TO BE FROZEN AND SHATTERED IN THE DEEP AND COLD SPACE!!!" GIR then randomly said: "I LIKE PIGGIES!" And Dark said: "Yeaaaaaaaaaah..." The ghosts accepted and they went on recollecting more members of the Heroes!

A while later, Tails and Knuckles come running towards the Heroes, and crash with Sonic and a Pipo Monkey. The Monkey stands up and runs to Specter and Spike, making them sigh. Tails says: "Sonic! Where were you?!" Knuckles says: "Yea, how you been Sonic?" Sonic replies with a smiling face: "Well, I've been here all this time, lost! But fortunately, I found this growing, um, team! Yeah, team, that says they're going to fight the creature responsible for this!" Light cuts in, and says: "Excuse me, you will also have to fight beside all of us. We're gonna need all the help we can get. I don't know why Destonator doesn't just kill us already, but we can use that much to our advantage. He's going to be heavily out-numbered, but we don't know if outmatched... If you don't help us, ALL universes will be empty of life. A couple of obscure lucky ones might survive, but they'll still get destroyed, due to the Big Freeze in a googol earth years. So we--" Ash cuts, "What's a 'googol'?" Tails then says: "A googol is a 1, followed by one-hundred zero's! It's 10 to the 100th power." Farrah commented: "Pretty long time, but it's still going to happen. That's depressing. Hmph." Knuckles then said, "What are we waiting for? This Despotato guy to come here?! We have to save the Universes!" Dark then says in a whispering voice: "Destonator, not Despotato you dullard..." And suddenly, a sound is heard... a Portal appearing... the Heroes turn to look, and they see a Portal with two mysterious hand silhouettes... and a giant hair-do.

Chapter XI: Jimmy-Timmy-Gamera Smash Bros-Zilla

The Portal grows bigger and then reveals Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Goddard, and Jimmy Neutron! The Heroes quickly enter the Portal and Jimmy Neutron says: "Oh, great! More of these crazy aliens!" Then a quiet voice shouts from the distance: "This is all your fault Neutron!". Then Sonic says: "Hey! We're not aliens! Well... it doesn't really count as aliens, because we're from Earth! But in a different Universe!" Jimmy immediately gets, it, after all, he did cross over to Timmy Turner's Universe some time back! So Jimmy asks the Heroes if they have someone named Timmy Turner in their group, but the Heroes say they don't. But tired of all the chit-chat, Crazy Hand begins to throw a lot of bombs towards them. Rodan swoops by and sets them off before they can even damage anyone. The kaiju now begin to fight the hands, and our language-gifted Heroes keep on talking. Jimmy then asks: "Do you know who's responsible for all this? Because it sure wasn't me!" then Light quickly says: "Destonator. A wicked creature created by the pure essence of evil. It... might sound weird, but you'll see him soon. You see, we need to get as many people who can help in the fight against him as possible... if we lose, he'll destroy all Universes in existence, with no chance of another Big Bang." Jimmy then questions: "Well, if you ask me, that's stupid. Because why would you want to destroy everything to leave yourself with nothing? I-is this Destonator guy even smart?" Then Dark intrudes: "Of course not. He's a pathetic and sad *BLAZIKEN*, who doesn't know what to do with himself. You can die merely by staring at his blasted uglyness." But as Jimmy is going to say something, a very loud boom is heard... two Portals appeared, one sent out thousands of Shalos, and the other one reveals a small silhouette...

The small silhouette, it was actually Timmy Turner! Jimmy said he was going to get him, but Light said: "I'll go with you, then. Everyone! Stay here and fight back the Shalos! We'll go over to save another Universe." But then, Sergeant Cortez replied: "I'll go too, you'll need back-up." Then, Yoshi came and wanted to accompain as well. Everyone agreed and went off to their own battles. The battle was epic, the picture was amazing. So many different characters were fighting together, like the Monkayans, the Pipo Monkeys, Mario's people, Sonic, the Pokemon, the kaiju... everyone suddenly paralyzed for a second and thought about it, but then resumed fighting. As Light, Jimmy, Cortez, and Yoshi were walking towards the Portal, it started shrinking, extremely fast. "It's shrinking already?!" Light shouted. Before the others could react, Light grabbed them and went towards the Portal at 299,700,500 meters per second, arriving at the Portal just as it barely closed in. Their speed was enormous, but Light could accelerate them just in time, before they could crash into Timmy Turner. Light was exhausted and collapsed. Leaving Yoshi and Cortez to attend him, as Jimmy rushed towards Timmy. Timmy's shadow was very dark, but there was no time to notice, not even for some one like Jimmy Neutron. However, when Jimmy grabbed Timmy's shoulder, it turned out to be a Shalo-clone. Shalo-Timmy.

Before anyone could react, the Shalo-clone flew high up and started to launch blades of energy. It roared and began to spin, creating a Portal! Hundreds of Shalos came out this time, and Light was still weak. Yoshi started eating and dodging all the Shalos he could, and Cortez started shooting them all. Jimmy told Goddard to shoot lasers at Shalo-Timmy, which had stopped spinning and was attacking. Goddard missed, because the Shalo was very swift. But as the Shalos grew alarmingly in numbers, they captured the Heroes. But all of a sudden, a Portal starts opening where the previous Portal was. It was Master Hand and Crazy Hand, both helping the rest of the Heroes to reach Light and the others! The Shalos started diving down on them, but they couldn't reach the Portal in time and thus the Heroes entered Timmy's Universe! The epic battle present in Jimmy's Universe is recreated here, but with the addition of the few who had been with this group. Cortez screamed "Aim for the small flying orange one!", and so everyone fired or launched something at Shalo-Timmy in less than three seconds. Quickly realizing that their numbers were dropping, they circled around the biggest and pressumably most powerful of the Heroes: Godzilla. They started fusing and absorbing Godzilla and Shalo-Godzilla was created. Timmy Turner dropped and was falling fast, but no one could save him because of the colossal monster standing in the way. But before Timmy hit the ground, he was saved by his fairies, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof! Immediately, they tried wishing the Shalos away, but they were impervious to magic! It turned around, and roared in front of the Heroes, as if it knew it was their match.

Shalo-Godzilla opened it's mouth, and blasted an extremely powerful nuclear-atomic fire beam, only for Light to carry everyone away in a second. Light was now even more exhausted, and passed out. Everyone tried bombarding Shalo-Godzilla with all they had, but it did not even flinch. As it opened it's mouth once more, Gamera mercilessly tackled it, making it gulp down it's own atomic blast. It quickly stood up, and viciously roared at Gamera. Gamera and Shalo-Godzilla stand off, and they run into each other, clashing. They scratch and bite each other, jump back, and fire their beams. They get in a beam lock, but Shalo-Godzilla seems to be prevailing. Just then, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Mothra Leo, King Caesar, Baragon, Minilla, and Godzilla Junior all joined the beam lock, and give a lot of their energy to help Gamera. Shalo-Godzilla started to implode in on itself, and screeched terribly. At last, it was destroyed, and Godzilla fell down, unconcious. Fatear, just done from healing Light, comes to Godzilla and heals him. Godzilla pets his sons and roars towards Gamera and the other kaiju. They roar back, and a Portal appears. The Heroes go through the Portal, and end in the Universal Central.

Chapter XII: Rumuado-Legend Of-Petey Piranha

The Heroes decide to take a break, and so, they just lay down and rest. Everyone, excluding Light and Dark, falls asleep. The kahranians just lay there, looking up at the darkness of the infinite sky. Not much time later, a Portal appears right on top of them and down falls Doidle, TimeSplitter Dog, Petey, Yoshiarus, Regi, and Tata. Light and dark roll out of the way, and these human-sized toys stand up. Light and Dark both say in unision: "Stop right there! Who are you?!", to which Doidle replies "Oh! We're toys. Cute, cuddly toys!" But just as Light and Dark were about to fire at them, TS Dog interrupts: "Hey, don't shoot! We're not evil-- we got sucked in by some black hole." Light then says "You mean a portal?" "Exactly!" Light backs down and tells Dark to lower his sword. "You know who Destonator is?", to which the Rumuadobencha plushies all reply: "Who?". Light then fills them in on what was going on. "That sounds bad.", said TS Dog. But then, Shalos appear! "Not these things again...", but they don't attack, they just merge to create Destonator's image. "Well, hello! I wanted to see what was going on with you bastards." Destonator the notices the plushies: "Who are they?". Doidle replies "We're from Bedroomia!", and so Destonator says: "Ah... so the biggest enemies of all of you were Tyrannosaur Rexo and Blazeter... don't worry! I'll revive all of them. Bad-bye!" Just then, the Shalos disappear, and Godzilla-sized Tyrannosaur Rexo and Blazeter appear!

Right there, Timmy wished for them to be wished away, however, that wish didn't work. "Try again sport!" said Wanda. Timmy wished them to be tiny, but that wish didn't work either. "This smells fishy..." said Cosmo. Timmy then wished for a water gun, which worked. "I guess I'll have to fight the water guy with this! Give everyone jetpacks, too!" Timmy said. However, the jetpack wish only affected Timmy. "Ugh, what's with this magic not working?" asked Timmy, to which the fairies didn't know the answer. At the same time as this, the Heroes quickly move out and get ready to take these guys down. However, Blazeter starts throwing fire blasts and moving at super speeds while Rexo emits very harsh and loud metal sounds. The Heroes are paralyzed, covering their ears and screaming in pain. Even the kaiju are driven mad. Blazeter comes closer to Light and starts to build up a hellish blast of fire. Just before he releases it, Samus jumped to Rexo's mouth and blasted his head off with her super phazon beam. The head goes flying to Blazeter's back and knocks him down. The Heroes start to recover and then notice that Blazeter is down. They quickly jump on him and start randomly throwing attacks, but Rexo's head crashed just to Blazeter's side, with his body actually swinging his tail, trying to swat the Heroes as if they were flies. Godzilla and Mothra deal a quick combo that knocks the body down, and then Gigan and Rodan both cut it sharply with their buzzsaws and wings, respectively. Baragon and Anguirus tear it apart and then King Caesar throws it up in the air and kicks it to Mothra Leo who then puts tremendous force upon it with his wings and destroys it. Minilla and Godzilla Junior then burn the remains to ashes. Everyone is amazed at the amount of action displayed there. Then, everyone turns around to find Blazeter with an extremely angry face. He screams "Hahaha.... HAHAHAHA! I'M GOING TO TEAR YOUR COLLECTIVE *AXEW*S!", and slowly walks towards the kaiju.

Blazeter rapidly tries to step on Godzilla's offspring but Light gets them out of the way. Blazeter then throws a fire blast at Light and actually hits him. Light falls along with Minilla and Junior, but when Blazeter tried to step on them once again, Danny Phantom turned them intangeable. Blazeter then used Shadow Punch and sent Danny Phantom flying. But then, the kaiju all surrounded Blazeter, charged their beams, and shot in unison. Blazeter started to disintegrate and slowly became non-existant. Destonator saw this and was furious: "WHAT THE *FURRET* WAS THAT *SHELLDER* ABOUT?! FIRIS! GET ANOTHER PAIR!". Firis then found Link and Petey Piranha walking around.

Fatear, Dark and Godzilla went to Light and Godzilla's sons. Fatear heals them and they get up. "Ugh... thanks. That was pretty painful." Light said. "That was pathetic! How can you be hit by something like that?!" responded Dark. "I have no clue." Light replied. Godzilla thanked Light, and the Heroes kept walking. A portal suddenly appears, but disappears right afterwards, after a bit of air came out of it. Firis then sent Link and Petey Piranha to where the Heroes were. The Heroes hear a roar, and turn around. "Another pair?" asked Timmy and Jimmy in unison. Link jumped off Petey Piranha, and looked directly at Mario and Sonic. Petey Piranha charged at the TimeSplitters characters, knocking them down. Cortez, Hart and the Reaper Splitter were shooting plasma at Petey, which was slowing him down. However, Petey knocks out the Reaper Splitter and manages to knock away their weapons. Right then, Light, Dark and Ash and his Pokemon start to fight Petey. Link started charging towards them. Just as he slashed, they evaded. They kept evading, until Link threw arrows at them and hit them. Link immediately went to slash them, but Mega Man appeared, and the blue bomber started shooting at Link. Link deflected his projectiles, but he also now was evading Mario's fireballs and Sonic's fast close combat. The Heroes were overpowering them. However, just then, Firis appears and fired a huge blast of electric fire, sending all the giant monsters on to a Portal which just opened and closed as soon as they entered. Firis then looks at the Heroes and disappears.

To be Continued

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