Destonator's Shape Shifting Monster
The Ship-Shifter
Species ? ? ?
Form(s) Mew copy
Gender Male
Height 20 meters
Weight 39 tons
Abilities Can Shape-Shift into anything, Death Roar, agility
Weaknesses 100% Pure evil attacks
Origins Created by the hand of Destonator
Enemies All of Destonator's enemies. Most notably Arceus, Mewtwo and Spooky


The Ship-Shifter is a shape-shifting creature created by the hand of Destonator in the Final Destination Universe Showdown. It is a very complex creature with only one weakness: an attack from something that has never done any good in it's lifespan.


The Ship-Shifter basically looks like a cyan plesiosaurus with triangular fins on his back, short but wide "fingers" on flat hands, a barrel-shaped body, big eyes, long tail, sharp teeth, horns on the nostrils, the top of the head, each cheek and the tip of the lower jaw, and a long tongue.


When Dark made Destonator extremely angry, Destonator created this creature to kill the Heroes. Destonator was sure he wanted to kill them. But Spooky, who had not done anything good, tackled the Ship-Shifter into a Portal. After Cortez, Hart and Jojo joined, they enter a Portal that leads to an asteroid belt in which they find the Ship-Shifter running away. When they witness it transform into Mew, everyone gets sucked in by a Portal and they see two Mews. Mewtwo appears and fights the fake Mew, who in moments transforms back into the Ship-Shifter. After Repap, Pikachu, Ash and the Godzillasaurus fight Mewtwo and are thrown off Spear Pillar, Spooky carries them up and makes to fight Mewtwo. But they are interrupted by a hypnotized Arceus roaring down from the Hall of Origin.

The real Mew comes to Ash, and the Ship-Shifter transforms to Mew again and starts to run away. Everyone puts their guard up except for Ash, who looks at Mew and says: "You are the real Mew, right?" Arceus makes a mean look at the Ship-Shifter Mew and uses Body Slam on it. When it lands on the Spear Pillar, the fake Mew changes back to the Ship-Shifter. It starts to growl, Mew encloses the Heroes in a Protect bubble, and then the Ship-Shifter starts to roar. Arceus drops to the floor and starts to lose being hypnotized. But Ship-Shifter's roar and aura is not affecting Arceus, because he taught himself everything he knows. Arceus stands up, picks the Ship-Shifter up, and uses encore. Mew makes the bubble disappear. Arceus tells Mew to enclose those that have not been infected with dark aura, which Mew does immediately. The Ship-Shifter roars again and everything returns to normal. The unmutated monsters turn back to their radiated forms, Danny regains his ghost powers, the Pokemon remember their moves, etc.! Dialga and Arceus use Roar of Time and make the Ship-Shifter move extremely slow, and Palkia and Arceus use Spacial Rend on the Ship-Shifter and make it disappear to a distant and remote universe uninhabited by any type of life. Arceus looks at Mewtwo, then Red, then Ash and Pikachu, and then looks at all of the Heroes. He says: "Did you all enjoy the show?" Ash then says: "Arceus! I haven't seen you in some time!" Arceus says: "Ah yes, Ash Ketchum. You helped me in the past." Ash then looks at Spooky and says: "Hey, thank you for saving me, Pikachu, Repap and Godzilla!" Pikachu says: "Pika pika!" Spooky looks down. Ash turns to Arceus and says: "Repap... he's badly injured." Ash throws the Pokeball and Repap comes out tired. Repap looks at Mewtwo and Mewtwo looks away. Arceus says: "Yes. He does look about to faint. Mew, please use... use... use..." Fatear and Fateranaur look at Arceus and Arceus looks at them both. Fateranaur looks at Arceus with a little anger. Arceus says: "Fateranaur. You are breaking the only rule I have told you to do for all eternity. Why are you out of your temple?" Ash said: "We woke him up. He stood up to Destonator and saved Fatear from being taken away." Fatear said: "Fatear fate, tear fate." Arceus responded: "Destonator... yes, the colossal creature that hypnotized me. I will make an exception. No... I will let you free, Fateranaur. Your curse, is lifted." Fateranaur and Fatear smiled and said: "Fate fate!" Fatear healed Repap and everyone was good.

Death RoarEdit

The Ship-Shifter has a devastating attack that can kill anything that has done at least one good deed. It first starts by taking moves that were not self-taught away, then by taking unnatural powers away, then death because the brain stops working due to lack of oxygen (the aura the roar sets off) and the extremely high sound waves. But, if creatures who heard it and survived it (didn't hear it completely) hear it a second time, the effects of the roar are reversed.

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