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The Story of the Monkayans is a series made off TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect Mapmakers. It is in YouTube, uploaded by 493Darkrai.

Episode PlotsEdit

Monkey Arena IEdit


  • The first episode is about a heroic monkey named Jojo the Monkey who wants to investigate about some mysteries happening in an abandoned factory, the Monkayans were caught off-guard here. There is a very stupid objective that says "Kill the last monkey with your hand, if you kill him with a gun you failed.", that was NOT me, User:493Titanollante, it was my neighbor.

Monkey Arena 2Edit


  • The second episode is about Jojo the Monkey getting back his money from the Monkayans. He also needs to use stealth to get in. It takes place on an abandoned warehouse, and it has lots of Monkayans

Monkey Arena 3Edit


Monkey Arena 4Edit


  • The fourth installment is about Stone Golem going to the Monkayans' Mother-Ship to stop the invasion by activating a convenient magnet that will attract the other ships making the crash and blow up. In the original idea for this episode there were TimeSplitters and Jake De Monkey was revived, but they were scrapped.

Monkey Arena 5: Planet MonkayaEdit


  • The fifth Map, so in this 3 minute, 56 second map, Sergeant Cortez is sent to the Monkayans' home planet to kill the planet's most important Monkayans and Cropolite, but the way towards his room is heavily guarded by some Monkayans. Sergeant Cortez cannot use the Staff Entrance due to a scanner installed in the entrance location triggering an alarm making Cropolite and the entire planet aware that Cortez is there.

Monkey Arena 6Edit


  • The 6th edition to the series, until now, the second longest. So in this Map after Sergeant Cortez killed the planet's most important Monkayans and Cropolite, Anya said "Mission completed Cortez, we probably won't see them again" and Cortez replied "Probably?". Now the surviving monkayans cloned Cropolite with his ONLY remain: Cropolite's brain. Now Spacetime Marine HQ has sent the Jojo to Planet Monkaya to kill the cloned Cropolite and the 100 responsible monkayans for Cropolite's clonation. Monkey must steal the cursed Artifact because it is the intelligence source of all monkayan machinery, it powers all machines except guns, doors, escape pods and the planet's self-destruct switch AND other special switches. Jojo the Monkey must steal the NEW invasion plans, activate the very convenient magnets in the launch fields, and escape the sector via an escape Teleporter. After that, the planet should be in it's weakened state.

Monkey Arena 7Edit


  • The 7th edition. Stone Golem has been sent to the center of Monkaya to find a way towards the Self-Destruct Switch. Every 10 Monkayans is assigned a Keycard, so Golem must kill them to release a key opening a next room. Golem must kill all monkeys in the sector and just on the side is the escape pod. It is until now, the longest map.I hope you enjoy! I don't know why, but the annotations are not showing.

Monkey Arena 8: The WarzoneEdit


  • The only reason it's on TS2 is for the music "Warzone". After Stone Golem made Monkaya, self-destruct it was believed that the Monkayan Empire, the Monkayan Army, King and civilians were ended. They were WRONG! The civilians weren't defeated, the rest got defeated. Monkaya's remains gathered on the untouched Space Station and since 2403, every living thing was at war with the Monkayans. Sergeant Cortez is sent to the war-zone to end the has to be Cortez, because Jojo the Monkey does not have enough experience/stamina, Stone Golem can't survive the constant Homing Launching, Anya is not trained for this & Cortez doesn't want Corporal Hart to die. So it has to be Cortez. Enjoy the mapmaker. I don't know why, but the annotations are not showing.

Monkayan End Part IEdit


  • When Cortez ended the War, peace was restored. However, Jojo the Monkey did not cross a necessary worm-hole back in Monkey Arena1, so his past self did different and died. Now the time-line has been altered and the other ones failed too. So now, it is up to Cortez to travel back in time to the Monkayan industry, help Jojo kill the Monkayans and get Monkey to cross the worm-hole to make sure the timeline will stay like that. Then he must kill Cropolite (For one last time) and return to base.

Monkayan End Part IIEdit


Monkayan End Part IIIEdit


  • Assault Edition. Cortez went through a portal and is now ready to help Jojo go through Monkey Arena 1 safely. When Cortez dies, he doesn't really die. Now the Monkayans know they are here and will stop at nothing to repel the heroes. Jojo stays fighting the remaining Monkayans while Cortez escapes through the Portal.

Monkayan End Part IV: End of a WarEdit


  • Cortez has created a Paradox in which Jojo successfully thwarted Monkayans in an abandoned factory, he thought it was over, but it was not over yet. He came back braver that ever before, and will do anything to eliminate the remaining Monkayans. His friends were locked up in cells in the Royal Palace. He has to do this, now!

Well, that's It!Edit


Sergeant Cortez

Jojo the Monkey

Corporal Hart


Stone Golem

Jake De Monkey

King Cropolite



Strudel the Cat


Various TS Music

"Mothra vs. Gigan"

"The King of the Monsters Returns"

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