Zilliesy tanterous
Zilliesy Tanterous
Tyrannic Zilla
Scientific Info.
  • Scientific Name: Zilliesy tanterous
  • Superorder: Dinosauria
  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Genus: Tanterelia
Coloration ColorColorColor
Approximate Height 3 feet - 18 feet
Approximate Weight 15 pounds - 550 pounds
Predators Gandarians, Godzillasaurus
Prey Coelacanth, Mesosaurus, Kuehneosaurus, Pachyrhachis, Protosuchus, Oviraptor, Dracolys Medievalsis

Tyrannic Zilla is a species of ancient semi-aquatic reptiles that have lived from as far back as the Permian and have survived untouched today. The species is counted as a dinosaur because it has been discovered to be with many dinosaur characteristics. Some members of the species have done things that made them evolve into other dinosaurs. The first dinosaur descendant of the species was the Coelophysis. Tyrannic Zilla have been a secret just until Mecha Tyranno-Zilla's corpse was found. A similar thing happened to coelacanth, it was not rediscovered alive until 1938. Also, in an alternate future, Tyrannic Zilla go extinct before the year 3000, and are revived and sent to Sauros.


Eggs are formed after mating and are placed on small holes dug up on beaches by their mothers at night. Tyrannic Zilla spend 5 months in egg form. The mother leaves the eggs and returns before they hatch. The mother helps them come out of their eggs, and they follow the mother back to the ocean. They quickly learn to catch prey, avoid predators, and take oxygen within 6 years time. After 6 years with their parents, they now are mature enough to leave to live their own life. Childhood is now over.

Zilliesy Tanterous Statue

18-foot Tyrannic Zilla statue with Keen to scale.

After departure from their parents, the Zillas have to keep up for regular life requirements, but while having fun with brothers and enjoying other things. But males they have to build up their spinal row and find a cave to prepare for the mating season that happens every 30 years, which happens in 24 years for them. They build their requirements, and one year before mating season, the brothers and sisters separate. They are now adults.

They go to the ocean floor to find a mate, it is mating season. The females are looking for big dorsal spines and smooth echolocation singing, so it's very noisy. The females choose their mates and they mate at the male's cave. After, the process repeats until the kids leave. Now, the couple's purpose in life is completed, in less than half of their lives; they are only 36 years old!

After their kids leave, they do whatever they want. They can even visit their grandchildren when they are 60 years old, and their great-grandchildren at 90! Tyrannic Zilla can live up to 100 years. After 100 years, the couple peacefully dies, and they are buried in their cave, forever to rest in peace.

Mecha Tyranno-ZillaEdit

Main article: Mecha Tyranno-Zilla.

Mecha Tyranno-Zilla was the first Tyrannic Zilla ever discovered. It got revived by the G.D.F., by request of Keen. It was a success, but it was completely uncooperative. It only seemed to like Keen, which was there. It was dubbed "worthless" by the G.D.F. and let Keen choose a place for it to stay.


  • Tyrannic Zilla belongs to it's own Phylum. Tanterelia.

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