Victoria's Jelly Meanies

Victoria's Jelly Meanies is a short story that takes place in two levels of LBP2. It features the Evolved Jelly Meanies as the main antagonists.


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Victoria's Jelly Meanies07:03

Victoria's Jelly Meanies

Part 1Edit

Titanollante LBP Victorias Jelly Meanies
The plot starts as Sackboy appears, and Victoria Von Bathysphere comes in distressed, and explains that a whole lot of a new type of Meanie evolved from the Meangitis virus is invading her kitchen.
"Ooh, Sackboy, come help, quick! It seems some evolved meanies related to those Dr. Higginbotham had inside him, they survived and are invading my kitchen! Come quick!"

So naturally Sackboy goes and helps.

"These new Meanies are beyond this gate. Go get 'em with my Cupcakeinator, would you?"
When he enters, a lot of Lime Jelly Meanies and a few Meanie Princes and Princesses are here, and they are all trying to squish him. But Victoria makes a Cupcake Shooter appear right in front of the checkpoint, and Sackboy gets it. As the Meanies come, Sackboy shoots and moves to the left.
Victoria's Jelly Meanies Part 104:17

Victoria's Jelly Meanies Part 1

Then, he jumps up some bounce pads and quickly grabs a Grabinator. Right next, there's a Jam Making Machine, so he starts throwing the Jam at the Meanies, and it's super effective. Then, Sackboy jumps up with other bounce pads and uses a motion controller sticker to unleash a Brain Crane. Sackboy, who thankfully has bought the Move Pack, gets up and starts throwing the Frenchcakes that just appeared. After a while, Sackboy jumps to the right and sees a Parachoux Making Machine, and he grabs other Grabinators and starts throwing Parachoux. After a while, Sackboy decides to go to the right, but it's blocked by a Lime Jelly wall. So, Sackboy jumps down and decides to spend some points on a Jukebox, changing the music. After a short while, the Meanies stop spawning and it seems that they won, and Victoria says that she has one last task for Sackboy.
"Great you came! Thanks for the help Sackboy! I really appreciate it."
"I just have one more task for you, and it's..."

But just as she finsihes the sentence, a giant yellow Meanie enters, breaking a wall of chocolate!

"...defeat the Jelly Meanie Queenie!"

The Queenie then teleports Sackboy into her secret base, where he enters the level link for part two...

Part 2Edit

There appears Sackboy, from the previously mentioned level link, and he's going to do what he has to do. He goes behind the entrance to get a hidden prize bubble, he checks two paintings in frames, and then he crosses the close gate. There are some red, square and triangular Meanies there, but they seem to be asleep. When Sackboy got close to them, they popped out a layer. Sackboy got a little scared, but then proceeded to put his foot in their sides.
Victoria's Jelly Meanies Part 202:48

Victoria's Jelly Meanies Part 2

It was like stairs. Sackboy started climbing up then, seeing portraits of all the Meanie types in space, including a donut-like one and a big, white, three-eyed one. Up the way, Sackboy opened prize boxes using the points he got from the previous level. Then, Sackboy saw a purple, column-like Meanie, that looked like an original Meanie. But when he got up, it exploded and the Meanie Queenie arrived. He says this dialogue:
"Well, well, well."
"You have come to slay me, isn't that right?"
"THEN THINK AGAIN!" She screams, as Sackboy get's scared.
"I will have to dispose of you and then, then..."
"I WILL TAKE OVER CRAFTWORLD! KUAHAHAHA!" and dramatic music plays.

Sackboy then puts on an angry face and proceeds to make gestures which the Queenie understands.

"I'll be defeated?"
"By the Alliance?"
"Just like the Negativitron?" And a flashback happens of the Negativitron exploding.
"KUAHAHA! Yea right!" and Sackboy is teleported to the Queenie's hideout.

The hideout has floating pictures of the Meanie Princess, the Meanie Prince, the Donut Meanie, and a carboard cut-out of the Queenie, being held by chains. Sackboy immediately uses his Meanie Queenie sticker he obtained in the stairs earlier on the cut-out, and some prize bubbles drop. Some yellow rings the hideout also has start exploding in order from left to right. The Queenie uses her many attacks against Sackboy, some times making him die, other times not. Sackboy goes to the upper floor to get the Cupcake Shooter and starts using it on the Queenie, who has 50 HP. The Shooter has limited ammo, so Sackboy has to keep reloading and dodging beams, but also dodge the Queenie and her offspring. After some intense moments, the Queenie starts to die, and she screams:

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAARGHAH!!!!!" and she explodes, leaving a huge SPLAT behind a very bright light.

Sackboy gets teleported to the scoreboard and Victoria says briefly:

"Oh thank you laddie! You saved my Kitchen, and stopped the evolved meanie menace from taking over Craftworld!"

The objects Sackboy gets are displayed, and the level ends, in a happy ending.

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